15 Fall Wedding Bouquets

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    Fall Bouquets Featuring In-Season Flowers

    The spring is filled with soft pastel palettes, the summer was designed for all things bright and bold, and the fall always feels so appropriate for more moodier hues. Although we never quite want to release our grasp on spring and summer and all of the flowers that peak during both seasons, this year we’re embracing fall (and all of its blooms!) with open arms.

    The key to planning a wedding during any time of year is to embrace the process and your soiree’s season. It’s a concept that is so much easier said than done; however, a little research goes a long way, particularly when you’re thinking about your floral budget. If you’re wondering why your budget is dissipating much too quick, it may be because you have fallen in love with out of season blooms (hint: peonies are in season in late spring!). So, we suggest doing your research when choosing your date to ensure your go-to flowers are in season and planning in advance. Take note of the flowers you see at farmers markets, in the grocery store, and in personal and professional gardens. Pro Tip: Visit your city’s botanical garden! The flowers you see in the gardens are likely flourishing because the time you’re visiting coincides with when they typically bloom.

    In order to celebrate the fall season, offer a peek into some of the prettiest in-season blooms, provide a host of inspiration, and help you insure your fall wedding date is the best choice for your flower loving heart, we’re sharing 15 fall wedding bouquets for varied soiree styles with you!

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    Bountiful Leaves Bouquet

    One of the most quintessential fall sights is witnessing the leaves on trees changing color, and we love how leaves in shades of gold and orange served to brighten up this fall bouquet. If you like the look of foraged elements, leaves are a great option!

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    Classic Anemone and Rose Bouquet

    Anemones and roses are both in season in the fall, and this bouquet by Courtney Inghram is a beautiful nod to classic, timeless style. The inclusion of garden roses in rich shades of red pair beautifully with the white anemones and roses, and we’re also partial to the dusty blue ribbon.

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    Bright Celosia and Dahlia Bouquet

    Celosia offers a wonderful textural quality to bouquets, particularly in the fall when this filler flower is in season. It looks even brighter when paired with dahlias in the same fuchsia shade!

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    Fall Hued Sunflower Bouquet

    Sunflowers never fail to make us smile. Their peak blooming season is late summer into early fall, and we love how the blooms are clad in fall colors while still offering a nod toward summer’s bright palettes. This Love 'n Fresh Flowers bouquet is made even more beautiful with its dahlia pairing!

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    Rustic Zinnia Bouquet

    If you’re planning a rustic wedding, zinnias are a fantastic option! The best bet with this fall bloom is to leave your color palette open to interpretation by your florist, especially if your florist is Jennie Love from Love 'n Fresh Flowers. We say this because zinnias bloom in a complete variety of colors, and they look particularly beautiful when many shades are paired together with greenery.

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    Bohemian Rose Gold Bouquet

    The blooms in this bouquet are almost all in season during the fall, especially the anemones and roses, but it’s the painted ferns that catch our eye the most. We love how they’re painted rose gold! If you like the look but would prefer a different color, copper is another great option for your bohemian bouquet.

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    Cheery Yellow Bouquet

    Whether it’s bright or muted, yellow is, by far, one of the cheeriest colors! This bouquet keeps yellow as the main color, but it also beautifully incorporates shades of orange and red. The proteas are a definite draw for us, as well as the berries and roses.

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    Mustard and Blush Dahlia and Rose Bouquet

    We have to admit, we may be more partial to dahlias than we are to peonies! And, the fall is the peak season for dahlias. There are so many gorgeous varies, but Dinner Plate Dahlias are some of the most well-known thanks to their large size. We adore this dahlia bouquet with its mixture of mustard tones paired with shades of blush.

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    Blush and Burgundy Dahlia Bouquet

    There is something so gorgeous about a palette filled with shades of blush and deep red. These shades are suitable for weddings of any style, and this bouquet feels like such a classic piece! The blush Dinner Plate dahlia stuns on its own, but it looks even more beautiful because it’s paired with celosia and roses.

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    Anemone, Snowberry, and Succulent Bouquet

    Anemone, Snowberry, and Succulent Bouquet
    Caitlinn Mahar-Daniels

    Anemones, snowberries, and succulents are three more in season fall options, and we are inspired by how they are combined in this tight bouquet. This floral piece feels elegant and timeless without losing an ounce of style. Tip: Beware: succulents are pricey, so try to use them sparingly!

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    Red, Yellow, and Orange Mum Bouquet

    If ever there was a flower synonymous with fall, it has to be mums! Because they’re most often spotted potted outside of homes, they may not register as a great bloom for a wedding bouquet. However, we beg to differ! The mums in this bouquet add a fun touch of whimsy, and they’re paired beautifully with dahlias, berries, and plenty of greenery.

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    Classic Rose Bouquet

    This rose bouquet is so classic and completely romantic. Roses are in season all year long, including the fall, and we love how this bouquet mixes standard and garden rose varieties together in shades of blush and red.

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    Red Calla Lily Bouquet

    Calla lilies are another in season fall favorite! The bright red calla lilies in this bouquet completely stand out, and they look lovely mixed together with more in season blooms, including roses, berries, greenery, and spider mums.

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    Romantic Pink Carnation Bouquet

    We think carnations are some of the most underrated flowers! At first glance, this bouquet looks as though it’s filled with peonies, but blush carnations are stealing the show instead. Carnations are always in season, and they are budget friendly. Stems with larger flowers will look far more eye catching, and tying the bouquet with ribbon is another great tip for upping the romantic design factor.

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    Bohemian Clematis Bouquet

    Our final tip for fall wedding bouquets is to include clematis! These blooms have an organic, wild feel about them, which looks gorgeous when paired with greenery, berries, and more. The fact that this bouquet is tied with ribbon also completes the bohemian look perfectly!