15 Fall Wedding Centerpieces

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    In-Season Designs Complete with Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables

    Sometimes, one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning is discovering your wedding style. Part of that discovery happens when you truly take an in-depth look at the season in which your wedding will occur. A bright palette may not be the best choice during the winter, and heavy design details may not feel like the most suitable option in the summer when temperatures are warm and lightness feels necessary.

    When we think of fall, our minds immediately become filled with thoughts of layers and textures and rich palettes. These facets of the season come to mind because they’re the same aspects we turn to when looking for inspiration for our personal style and our homes. Wedding inspiration doesn’t have to come from a celebration. Instead, often the most inspiration lies in taking a closer look at how we dress, eat, and live. And, that’s exactly where we found our inspiration for fall wedding centerpieces.

    Fall boasts harvests for some of the richest flowers, like dahlias and zinnias. It’s also a time when some of the most beautiful fruit and vegetables, like apples, artichokes, pumpkins, and pomegranates, are readily available. We took all three into consideration – flowers, fruits, and vegetables – and sought to find 15 centerpieces that combined all three with found elements for weddings of varied styles.

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    Modern Pumpkin Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Modern Pumpkin Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo and Design by Casa de Perrin

    Modern Pumpkin Fall Wedding Centerpiece: Pumpkins can be tricky, but this centerpiece is done beautifully! It incorporates pumpkins so well, and the variation of colors (the colored pumpkins are painted!) allows this organic style garland to feel rustic yet completely modern.

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    Rustic Mustard Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Rustic Mustard Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Ben Q Photography and Centerpiece by The Southern Table

    Fall does not have a lack of color palette inspiration, and mustard tops our list of favorite shades to include! Filled with garden roses, artichokes, zinnias, greenery, and more, this gorgeous centerpiece feels rustic without an ounce of formality. It looked stunning as part of this rehearsal dinner!

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    Floral and Pomegranate Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Floral and Pomegranate Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography and Centerpiece by Bare Root Village

    Pomegranates are in season in the fall, and they are a wonderful way to add texture to a fall wedding centerpiece! We love how this piece incorporates garden roses, zinnias, and even leaves together with more blooms in bright shades of red, burgundy, and even butter yellow.

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    Monochromatic Red Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Monochromatic Red Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Keller + Keller and Centerpiece by Floret Design Studio

    If we could only choose one fall color, red would have to be it! It’s a bold way to make a statement, and this monochromatic red centerpiece filled with in season anemones, dahlias, and zinnias, has us craving to see even more.

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    Berry Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Berry Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Carly Fuller Photography and Centerpiece by Carly is Inspired

    This berry centerpiece was designed for an elegant inspiration shoot, and it’s filled with in season fall blooms. The red berries, fuchsia celosia, ivory dahlias, and more combined together beautifully in a mercury glass compote to create a feeling of organic romance on the table.

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    Modern Rustic Leave Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    This leave centerpiece stood out to us right away! The glass vases combined with the long branches of leaves offer a clear sense of modernity, and we can see this look outside under a tent just as easily as we can picture it inside a museum. The wooden chairs add a great amount of rustic charm!

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    Rustic Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Rustic Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Tory Williams Photography and Centerpiece by Sarah Bedford

    Rustic weddings feel completely appropriate in the fall when the foliage reaches its peak and barns feel even more inviting. With a rustic setting in mind, we’re drawn to this dahlia centerpiece thanks to its bright colors and wooden vessel.

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    Dahlia and Fig Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Dahlia and Fig Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo and Centerpiece by Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

    Dahlias are the flower of the fall season, and this palette of pinks, burnt orange, and purple offers a new take on fall colors. We’re also drawn to this Love ‘n Fresh Flowers arrangement because it incorporates figs – another in season fall fruit! This piece could easily be used at a rustic fete, but it could also be incorporated into an elegant celebration.

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    Fall Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

    Fall Fruit Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Patrick Moyer and Centerpiece by Oak & the Owl

    If you were ever wondering which fruits and vegetables were in season in the fall, taking a close look at this centerpiece would do the trick! The piece feels beautifully elegant thanks to its design, but if you look closely you will see everything from radishes and pomegranates to pears, grapes, and apples. The flowers and greenery balance the produce fabulously.

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    Rich Rose Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Roses are in season all year long, and they’re especially fitting to see in the fall because of their rich colors. The shade of yellow of these roses feels antique, and they look lovely when paired with shades of pink, peach, and burgundy. The fern table number offers a hint that this soiree has more of an organic feel.

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    Fall Farm to Table Garland Wedding Centerpiece

    Fall Farm to Table Garland Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Claire Dobson Photography and Centerpiece by A Savvy Event

    If your wedding incorporates long wooden tables, adding garlands down the center consistently offers a great way for your look to feel full and complete. This greenery piece is accented with blooms and berries, but it’s the inclusion of apples, artichokes, and grapes that makes it feel truly unique.

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    DIY Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    When we learned this centerpiece was part of a large DIY project by the couple’s family, we were floored! The arrangement looks professionally done, and we love how the creative crew opted to pair dahlias together with garden roses, standard roses, crabapples, and tons of greenery.

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    Pumpkin and Greenery Garland Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Pumpkin and Greenery Garland Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Ellie Koleen Photography and Centerpiece by Fleurie Flower Studio

    This garland centerpieces offers plenty of greenery paired with vases of dahlias to add additional color, but the true scene stealer are the pumpkins! They’re thoughtfully placed along the table, and the pops of orange add a dash of whimsy and fun to a rustic table that also feels industrial.

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    Bud Vase Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Bud Vase Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie and Centerpiece by Petal Play Design

    Bud vases typically have a vintage lean, and this look follows suit! The proteas are what draw us toward this look because they feel feminine, romantic, and whimsical all at once, especially because they’re paired with in season snowberries, dusty miller, and more.

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    Artichoke Fall Wedding Centerpiece

    Artichoke Fall Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo by Sasithon Photography and Centerpiece by Emily Herzig

    If you’re looking for inspiration for a centerpiece with a gathered feeling, look no further! We’re drawn to this look because the vase of greenery acts as the biggest piece in the grouping. The dahlia in a bud vase adds a punch of color, and the artichoke fills the tablescape with texture. Combined with candles, this would be beautiful grouped together down the center of a long head table.