Fun Activities for Families to Enjoy in January

family activities in January
Milles Studio / Stocky United

January may seem like a dreary month since it can get so cold outside. But there are plenty of fun things for families to do together in January with activities and celebrations that make all of you forget about the weather outside.

Enjoy Winter Activities Together

Kids are playing indoors more these days. Keep them busy without video games. Try a complete list of winter activities for kids that will entertain your children until the spring thaw. From going places to having fun in your own backyard, you don't have to be cooped up all winter.

Play Indoors

Staying in the house doesn't mean the kids have to park it in front of the TV. There are plenty of indoor activities for kids that involve active games, pretend play and creativity exercises. Build a life-sized board game, write picture stories or create a website together.

Sign Up for Music Classes

New sessions of kids’ music classes start this month and many programs are geared toward the school-age child, all the way down to classes for mommies and babies. Not interested in classes? Try music activities with kids that allow you to strike up the band on your own terms.

Get Organized

Your house may feel like it's overflowing now that Santa has paid your kids a visit. Don't wait until the spring thaw. Get organized now and get a jump on de-cluttering. Make way for the new toys by clearing out some of the old. And don't forget to clear out those bedrooms and storage areas. Your camera isn't exempt either. Organize all of those pictures you took over the holidays so you can find them easily on your computer when you need them.


The holidays are behind us and it's easy to think there isn't a need for volunteers right now. But many organizations have a continual need for volunteers, not just in the Christmas months. Pick out volunteering opportunities that are age-appropriate for everyone in your family and start volunteering this month.

Cook Winter Recipes as a Family

Out of all of the months in your family's busy calendar, January is usually one of the slower ones. Activities haven't picked up yet like the do in spring, summer and fall. It's a great time to cook together and enjoy some delicious winter recipes.

National Hobby Month

Find a new hobby to enjoy with your children during National Hobby Month. Explore many fun hobbies, such as jewelry making, rubber stamping, origami, painting and more. Hobbies are a great way to spend quality time with your family every day.

National Soup Month

Warm up your winter days with hot soup. National Soup Month is the perfect time to get your kids in the kitchen to make soup together. Whip up a batch of chicken soup, vegetable beef soup, bean soup and more.

National Staying Healthy Month

Cold and flu season is kicking into high gear. Keep kids safe and healthy with these winter health tips. Get your children involved with health, safety and nutrition worksheets.

National Thank You Month

Practice the gift of "thank you" during National Thank You Month. Encourage your kids to write thank you notes and show them how to make those thank you cards special. Not sure where to start? Have the kids write thank you notes to their friends and family for those gifts they got during the holidays.

Oatmeal Month

When else do you get to celebrate all things oatmeal? Make oatmeal cookies together. Send them off to school with a bowl of warm oatmeal in their bellies.

Make a Sick Plan

Of course, you do your best to keep your kids from getting sick but it seems inevitable that germs will make their way through your family. Don't wait for the germs to invade your house before coming up with a plan. Be ready with activities kids can do even when their sick. Mom's not immune either. Be prepared for those days when mom is too sick to entertain. 

Take a Winter Trip

Avoid the cabin fever blues and get away for a while. Take a family trip, whether it's a holiday road trip or a simple weekend adventure. Winter is a great time to go on vacation with your kids because prices for most destinations and attractions plummet in the off season.