9 Family-Friendly Camping Crafts & Activities

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    It's Time for Summer Camping & Crafting

    Bo Bo / Stocksy United

    Summer was made for camping. There is nothing better than roasted marshmallows over a fire at night and waking up in the morning in your toasty warm sleeping bag! Camping in the summer is one of my family's favorite things to do together. I've rounded up 9 family-friendly crafts and activities that your kids can try this summer. Be safe and have fun!

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    Make Your Own Bug Catcher

    Make one of these DIY bug catchers to use when you're camping. Your kiddos will love catching bugs out in the wilderness.

    Make Your Own Bug Catcher from Make and Takes

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    Ice Cream in a Bag

    With just a few ingredients and some ice, you can make your own delicious ice cream. Have your kids get their wiggles out by shaking the bag.

    Ice Cream in a Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose

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    Giant Yarn Spider Web

    All you need is a ball of yarn to do this fun camping activity. There are a few different games to play once you get the web all set up.

    Giant Yarn Spider Web from Make and Takes

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    Camping Bingo

    Play a few rounds of camping Bingo with this printable game card. Take these cards on a hike and try to spot all of the items.

    Camping BINGO from National Wildlife Federation

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    Marshmallow and Toothpick Buildings

    Using only marshmallows and toothpicks, your family can make their own three dimensional buildings. Get creative and see how many you can build.

    Marshmallow and Toothpick Buildings from The Idea Room

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    Nature Inspired Twig-Tac-Toe

    First you need to find a good tree stump. Then gather a few twigs, rocks, leaves, and pinecones. You can use anything from nature in and around your campsite to play a fun game of Twig-Tac-Toe.

    Nature Inspired Twig-Tac-Toe from Fireflies and Mud Pies

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    Night Bowling

    How fun does glow in the dark bowling sound? Let the little ones stay up a bit past their bedtime to play bowling in the dark! They will have so much fun with this camping activity!

    Night Bowling from Growing a Jeweled Rose

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    Leaf Rubbings

    Find different looking and interesting leaves around your campsite. Use crayons and paper to make leaf rubbings. This is a great boredom buster activity.

    Leaf Rubbings from Learn Play Imagine

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    Ouch Kit for Camping

    It's important to be prepared for anything while camping. Especially unexpected accidents. Before you head out on your adventures, make one of these ouch kits. Everything you need in a first aid kit in one handy little container.

    Ouch Kit for Camping from My Frugal Adventures