Family Spring Break Activities

Spring break means planning fun for all (parents included).

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The right family spring break activities can be the difference between a week that's a blast or a bust for your family. Spring break looks a little different for every family depending on dates, kids' ages and work schedules. Work-at-home parents need to plan activities for the whole family as well as for for the kids to do on their own.

And that can be a lot of things to do! Browse these ideas and then make a plan that is both fun and functional for your family. 

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    Family Spring Break Trip

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    A family spring break trip may be the ideal. Yet, it might be rare for some work-at-home families. With three months of 24/7 family time in summer on the horizon, some prefer to save up for more than one summer vacation rather than go in the spring. That said a spring break vacation can be just what you need to recharge as the school year finally begins to wind down. These spring break trip ideas could be just what your family needs.

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    Spring Family Events

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    Many museums and attraction offer discounts and special events during the weeks of spring break for local schools. Check your local media and talk to friends to find out what is going on in your area. This is a good opportunity to make a swap with another work-at-home parent. You take the kids to an attraction one day; then he or she does it another. Two fun outings for the kids; one day of uninterrupted work for you.

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    Independent Play Ideas

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    If you’re not taking the week off for your family's spring break (and even if you are), the kids have to know how to entertain themselves without a parent hovering or smoothing the way. (Remember there's a long summer ahead!) Of course, how much they can keep themselves busy varies with age and personality, but these independent play activities are a good start. And, many of these daily summer activities may apply during spring break.

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    Science Fun

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    Just because your kids are not in school this week does not mean they can't be learning. These fun science ideas can provide learning an entertainment Some of the ideas, like making slime and invisible ink, will definitely take some parental oversight, but you end up with a product that gives hours of entertainment. Others older kids, at least, can do on their own.

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    Arts and Crafts Spring Break Fun

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    Get crafty! Art is always a good way to keep kids busy. Though some projects require greater levels of adult supervision, these 5 Not-Messy Art Activities are perfect for work-at-home families. Setting up a craft area where kids can leave projects not finished in one day can make art a continuing project for the whole week!

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    Spring Cleaning for the Whole Family

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    Spring break is a great time to get started on the spring cleaning. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Little kids need supervision and, well, so do big kids. Yet, this is the time when you can teach your children how to properly do some cleaning jobs that during the busy school year you just don't have time for. Here are some great tips for getting the whole family involved in spring cleaning.

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    Getty Ready for Summer

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     Spring break is a bit like a dry run for work-at-home families. Figure out what works well and what doesn't now because this is when you need to be planning your kids' summer vacation. If you wait until summer starts, camps, child care and activities may be all booked.