Family Trees to Buy or DIY

Summertime family reunions may leave you feeling inspired to create or display a family tree in your home. The holidays--particularly Thanksgiving--also invoke nostalgia, and you find yourself wanting to dust off the old family photos to give them a place of more prominence than the shoebox they've been hiding in.

There are a number of ways to honor your family's history with customized family tree art and accessories you can either order online or make yourself.  Displaying your family's genealogy in your home is a wonderful way to create a meaningful space, whether it's with a custom piece of art purchased through an online retailer, a gallery wall that you put together yourself, or a handcrafted accessory that puts a unique spin on the traditional idea of a family tree.  Here are some ideas to inspire you.

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    Modern Family Tree Art

    modern family tree
    Modern Family Tree Art. My Tree and Me

    A family tree doesn't have to look like a tree at all.  The graphic designs offered by My Tree and Me are fresh and non-traditional, offering a modern touch to your home while still honoring the past.

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    Family Tree Wall Decal

    family tree wall decal
    Family Tree Wall Decal. Etsy

    Wall decals in the shape of trees are popular and easy to find.  Why not hang family photos on the branches?  This is a great way to display your family tree in a big way in a family room or even a dining room.

    Family Tree Wall Decal from Etsy

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    Customized Family Tree Art

    custom family tree art
    Custom Family Tree Art. Minted

    One of the easiest ways to create a family tree is to order a customized one from places like Minted. You choose the pictures, the caption, the frame and the color scheme, and it arrives on your doorstep ready to hang.

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    Family Tree of Names

    family tree with script names
    Custom Family Tree Art. Etsy

    Don't have pictures of everyone in your family?  Consider a piece of art that uses everyone's names instead.  Etsy has tons of sellers willing to create customized family trees for you.

    Family Tree of Names from Etsy

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    Tree Ring Family Tree Art

    tree ring family tree art
    Tree Ring Family Tree Art. Etsy

    Here is another example of customized family tree art found on Etsy.  This one is best for displaying the names of immediate family only, and would look great in a child's nursery.  You could create a DIY version of this idea with an actual wood slice purchased from a craft store. 

    Tree Ring Family Tree Artfrom Etsy

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    Family Tree Pillow

    family tree pillow
    Family Tree Pillow.">Etsy

    If you don't want to hang a piece of art, there are other ways to display a family tree, such as on an embroidered pillow cover.  

    Family Tree Pillow from Etsy

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    Scrabble Tile Family Tree Art

    family tree with scrabble tiles
    Scrabble Family Tree. This is Sesame

    Spell out your genealogy with Scrabble tiles mounted in a shadowbox frame for a clever take on a traditional family tree.

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    Family Tree in a Vase

    family tree in vase
    Family Tree in Vase. Simply Vintage Girl

    Decorating with nature is inexpensive and fun.  Find a tree branch that you can anchor in a vase, then hang tags made from wood slices or pressed leaves on it--one for each member of your family. This literal translation of a family tree is both stunning and interactive.

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    Family Tree Chalkboard

    family tree chalkboard
    Family Tree Chalkboard. Your Home Based Mom

    Chalkboards are trendy and versatile and look particularly great with old black and white photos. Frame a large chalkboard, arrange photos depicting your genealogy on it, then write names and captions on it with a chalkboard pen.