Famous Characters Costumes for Groups

Make and Buy Costumes for a Group of People

Check out all of these great famous character costume ideas for groups of people. Check out all of these creative ideas for dressing up as your favorite movie stars, T.V. actors, cartoon characters, and more. Most of these costume ideas can be used by anywhere from 1 to 10+ people! If you have an idea that should be listed here, please submit it to be posted using this simple form!

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Book and Fairy Tale Character Costume Ideas
Find costume ideas related to your favorite fairy tale characters.

Cartoon Character Costume Ideas
If you love cartoons, you will love these cartoon related costumes.

Disney Character Costume Ideas
Gather together your entire family and dress up in coordinating Disney costumes.

Movie Star Character Costume Ideas
Find ideas for movie star costumes from the past, the present, and the future.

Musician Character Costume Ideas
Find costume ideas to help you dress up like popular bands.

Product and Toy Character Costume Ideas
Here are some creative Halloween costumes for large and small groups.

TV Star Character Costume Ideas
Check and see if there are costume ideas from your favorite telvision shows.