5 Fantastic Vases From A Galaxy Far Away

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    5 Fantastic Vases From A Galaxy Far Away

    There are just so many things to be amazed by when you're decorating your home. One of the most fascinating is seeing the ways in which small touches can change a room, blending with other elements to produce big statements, create a style or speak to your favorite things. Many times when we're looking to tell a unique story with with the pieces that we bring into our homes, we find ourselves looking to things of the past. But what if your favorite things include sci-fi or fantasy? In...MORE that case, you might want to find yourself looking into the future. But even if you're not quite ready to "boldly go where no one has gone before," with your interior style, there are still a few small pieces that can get the point across with a look that's sure to make you smile.

    Flower vases are among the smallest elements that you can bring into a space. So small, in fact, that they are often overlooked. While we usually think more about the visual impact that bright flowers can have on a room than we do about the vessels that we place them in, the fact is that the right vase can have just as much impact or more. A growing number of designers have caught on to this and, as a result, there are a stunning array of artistic, conceptual vases that would look just as much at home in a glamorous living room on Coruscant as they would in the halls of Winterfell. To show you a little of what we mean, here are 5 of our favorite vases for the fantasy/futurist in all of us.

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    The 212 Degree Flower Vase

    The 212 Degree Flower Vase may not have been crafted by the same smiths that created the Iron Throne, but they may have had the same thing in mind. The metal is beautifully shaped into an artistic circlet holding a central glass container. The result is a perfect backdrop to highlight your favorite flower, and an eye-catching addition to your decor. 


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    The Project High Rise Vase

    The future - according to many sci-fi writers, anyway - is all about things that transform. So what better way to bring a bit of futurism to your favorite room than with a vase that transforms into wall art? An innovative design from ThirtyFive Creative Works, the High Rise consists of a series of flat discs of powdered steel. When stretched to their full length, the discs form a striking piece of wall art. When aligned into their compressed form, they present a beautiful, sculptural vase with a...MORE look that any sci-fi - or art - enthusiast will love.

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    Concrete Vase

    5 Fantastic Vases From A Galaxy Far Away

    This vase from Etsy is a testament to the beauty of simple materials. Made of concrete and supporting a central glass cylinder, it's an ideal piece for a rustic or industrial space. And if the castles of Westeros, Middle Earth or Narnia are ever on your mental itinerary, having a few of these vases to greet you on your return will make it feel like you never left.

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    The Onion Vase

    From the Godswoods of Game of Thrones to the Jedi master-hiding swamps of Star Wars, one thing that the stylized pasts of fantasy and the varied futures of sci-fi often have in common are enchanted forests. So while The Onion Vase may not be quite the same as having a forest full of Ents at your disposal, the playful way in which they blur the line between vase and plant can lend your room an enchantment all it's own.

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    The Hanging Argyle Vase

    Minimalist decor, often bordering on stark (no GoT reference intended) has long been one of the hallmarks of the worlds and interiors of science fiction. And while we may not yet be at the point of living in white rooms, populated by white furniture while wearing white jumpsuits, there is something to be said for adding a minimalist note to the comparatively cluttered lives we lead today. The Hanging Argyle Vase from the Japanese brand [1012] Terra has just the right look with its geometric...MORE design, glass construction and minimalist aesthetic. As can be seen above these vases may be hung collectively to a creative and beautiful result. The only question now is exactly what pattern of these planters would they be likely to use on the USS Enterprise?