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Farm toys are well loved by most kids. Old MacDonald had a farm .. ee-eye ee-eye oh! Kids simply love to listen to this song over and over again. It's an indicator of how animals and farms hold a special place in children's hearts. Farm toys are very popular among most children. They can spend hours playing pretend games with their farm toys like farm tractors, farm animals, toy barns and the like. I've picked out a selection of farm toys which are sure to be a hit!
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    These friendly farm toys include animals that are a treat to play with! The fairly large toy farm animals are made of plastic, and there are seven in a set including a horse, a sheep, a cow, a pig, a goat, a rooster and a goose.
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    This farm toy is modeled after a farm tractor. Green in color, with large rugged wheels, pivot steering and front wheel drive, this vintage styled tractor is perfect for pretending you're on a farm! An easy open gas tank cover, dashboard graphics and 12" tread wheels make this a great trike for the young ones. For those interested, you can also attach a trailor (to be purchased separately) to the back of the trike.
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    This lovely farm toy building set from Playmobil is educational and fun too! It is conveniently packaged in a carry case which makes it easy to take along on trips to Grandma's or on vacations.
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    This wooden farm toy from Melissa and Doug is one of the best farm toys I've seen so far. It's great for kids aged 3 and over. The set includes over 60 wooden pieces including a barn, a fence, lots of farm animals and other accessories. A must have if you're looking for farm toys.
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    This farm toy magnet animal set from Leap Frog is a great buy in terms of entertainment value as well as money! It includes 10 animal halves which need to be matched up. You can place the completed animal pieces in the holder and listen to the sounds the animal makes. Good for the younger kids around 2 years old.
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    This bilingual talking farm toy from Chicco is one of the "press a button and the toy will respond" kind of toys. Younger kids will enjoy hearing the sounds animals make and watching the lights flash on and off. Older kids will actually learn to associate various animals with their sounds. A nice interactive farm toy for the young ones.
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    A great farm toy for babies and toddlers! The Fisher Price Little People animal sounds farm set is interactive and fun. Each of the little animals can be placed in their "home" and kids can learn about the various animal sounds that come from each room in the barn. The toy farm includes six animal figures - a pig, a cow, a horse, a sheep, a chicken and Farmer Jed.
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    This farm toy is a playmat and also doubles up as a floor puzzle. There are seventeen pieces in this jumbo farm animal themed puzzle. Educational and fun!
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    This farm toy is green and yellow chain driven pedal tractor with matching trailer is sure to be an instant hit with your child. Additional features which help this farm tractor to look authentic include built-in dashboard with gauges, large tractor wheels and attached trailor. It's expensive, but worth it if you're looking for a farm themed ride on for your child.
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    I just had to include this lovely farm toys that includes a friends bowling set from International Playthings because it is too cute to miss! The colorful set of 6 smiling farm animal bowling pins and ball will make your toddler laugh! As the playful animals are knocked down, they each make a different rattling noise.