25 Ideas for a Farmer's Market Themed Party

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    Market Inspired

    Farmer's market fresh is hard to beat. An outdoor market is such a pleasant experience, it makes sense to channel the atmosphere for warm weather gatherings. Small touches like blueberry baskets, a red and white checkered tablecloth and so much more bring the great feelings of a Sunday stroll through the market to your very own event.​

    A rustic approach to a farmer's market themed party is required. From the ingredients in your food to the decor at your table, let the fresh ideas of a...MORE market live freely in the space you create.

    Here are 25 of our favorite ideas for a farmer's market-themed party. 

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    Corn + Cherry Tomato Toast

    Egg + Cherry Tomato Toast

    A dish prepared entirely from treasures discovered at the market.

    Corn + Cherry Tomato Toast from Eden Eats

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    Fresh Flowers


    Take a cue from Oh Joy and pick up some flowers from your local farmer's market for table centerpieces. Fresh flowers add vibrant colors to the table and you can take them home to admire post-party.

    Farmer's Market Flowers from Oh Joy

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    Group Grocery Shopping

    The best part of the farmer's market is actually visiting the grounds. Make a day of your gathering and invite your guests to source your groceries together. Group grocery shopping can be a fun way to get everyone involved with the meal. We recommend making these adorable themed totes before you venture out! Your guests can keep their bags as party favors.

    Iron-on Veggie Bags from Oh Happy Day

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    Watering Can Repurposed

    Watering Can

    A watering can makes for a festive and handy vessel. Use it to hold utensils, straws or even candy. Your watering can will hold whatever you need and blend into the decor of your party without a hitch.

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    Swirled Berry Yogurt Popsicles

    Swirled Berry Yogurt Popsicles

    Take your bounty of berries and turn them into yogurt popsicles. These treats are healthy, refreshing and perfect for those warmer days.

    Swirled Berry Yogurt Popsicles from Smitten Kitchen 

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    Vegetable Table Settings

    Vegetable Decor

    Use your fresh, glowing farmer's market produce as table decor. There is beauty all around us, so go ahead and set the table with gifts from the earth.

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    Terra Cotta Pots

    Terra Cotta Pots

    A sweet parting gift to guests is a simple terra cotta pot set, complete with soil and seeds. This is a creative way to take a bit of the market home with you.

    Terra Cotta Pots from Project Nursery

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    Fruit Slice Balloons

    Food Slice Ballons

    Get those fruit and veggie slices in the air as well as on your plate. These balloons are the cutest!

    Fruit Slice Balloons from DIY Studio

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    Dessert Table

    Market Banner

    There are plenty of ingredients at the farmer's market to whip up a fine dessert table. Name your home market in honor of a special guest and make some paper flowers to add some finishing touches to your sweets corner.

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    Artisan Bread

    Artisan Bread

    Artisan bread can serve many purposes at a farmer's market party. A host can lay the bread across the table as decor or simply eat it. If you do choose to eat your bread, make sure to have meat, cheese, honey, and butter close by.

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    Live Entertainment

    Live Entertainment

    A draw of a trip to the farmer's market is often the live entertainment. Set up a stage with a mic, guitar, and harmonica and let guests take turns showing off their talents. 

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    Berry Baskets

    Berry Baskets

    Fresh fruit looks the cutest in berry baskets. You can also use them as an alternative to traditional bowls at your party.

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    Edible Flower Donuts

    Edible Flower Donuts

    Donuts are a welcomed treat during any visit to the farmer's market. Bring those sweets home with beautiful flowers on top.

    Edible Flower Donuts from Studio DIY

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    Buckets to Go


    Set up a corner of buckets for guests to grab on their way out. Inexpensive buckets serve as adorable decor and your guests can use them around their own home long after your party is over.  

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    farmers market signs
    Ben Bloom / Getty Images

    Signage is key to a successful farmer's market party. Everyone knows the best part about the farmer's market is the free samples. Set up some cute notes around the party with a sweet nod to farmer's market fun.

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    Recipe Cards

    Recipe Cards

    Have a stack of recipe cards ready to go, in case anyone wants to jot notes about their favorite farmer's market fresh dishes.

    Recipe Cards from Rifle Paper Co.

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    Handwoven Baskets


    Have some french market baskets on hand to hold all your goods.

    French Market Baskets from Fine Linens

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    Avocado Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Avocado Salt and Pepper Shaker

    A cute tabletop accessory is this set of avocado salt and pepper shakers.

    Avocado Salt and Pepper Shakers from Incredible Things

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    Stem Station

    Flowers and Fruit

    Another fun idea for a farmer's market party is to set up a stem station. Guests can choose from their favorite flowers to build their own bouquet. 

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    Cupcakes in an Egg Carton

    Carton of Cupcakes

    Instead of a dozen eggs at your party, try a dozen cupcakes! Children will love the surprise of opening a carton to see the sweet cupcakes waiting for them inside.

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    Fresh Herbs


    We are totally in love with the idea of having fresh herbs available for the grabbing. Sprinkle some thyme over party snacks or take a handful home for dinner. 

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    Agua Frescas

    Agua Frescas

    Easy-to-serve agua frescas are a delicious, refreshing beverage option, fun and playful for a farmer's market party.

    Agua Frescas recipes from Sugar and Charm 

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    Ice Cream Cups

    Ice Cream

    Mini bowls of natural dairy ice cream with slices of waffle cone are a sweet way to cool off during a party.

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    Market Inspired Cookies

    Market Inspired Cookies

    For those little guests who might have a problem with real vegetables, it's good to have the cookie version on hand too! These cookies look adorable inside a checkered covered crate.

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    U-Pick Produce

    U-Pick Produce Corner

    A u-pick produce stand makes a lovely focal point for a farmer's market bash. An area with bountiful fruits and vegetables is wonderful near the entrance area, so it's clear to guests what the theme of the party will be. Encourage guests to fill baskets with produce on their way out as parting gifts. The food won't go to waste and you'll have saved your guests a trip to the market.