5 Farmhouse (Apron) Sinks You Will Love

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    Best For: Suave Stainless Steel. And Zero Radius, Too.

    Decor Star Farmhouse Sink
    Decor Star Farmhouse Sink. via Amazon

    Why You'll Want It:  A jaw-dropping bargain for a zero radius* stainless steel apron sink.

    Specs:  Double-basin, 33" wide by 20" deep horizontally.  Stainless steel is 16 gauge.  

    * Zero radius refers to joinery.  When a sink wall and sink bottom are joined at a sharp inside angle, rather than a curve, this is called zero radius.

    Farmhouse Sinks Have Come To Town

    Farmhouse sinks have nothing to do barns and chickens.  Thankfully, the term farmhouse is slowly being replaced with the more descriptive apron sink.

    Do you love them or hate them?  Some people think of them as nothing more than glorified laundry sinks.  For them, the apron part of these sinks--the front reveal of the sink--is an obstruction in the clean lines of countertops and cabinets.

    But apron sinks do have their fans.  See why:

    6 Key Elements That Define This Sink

    1. Vertical Depth: Farmhouse kitchen sinks' depth can range from 16" to 21"--deep enough to immerse all sorts of pans and dishes.
    2. Horizontal Depth: Because farmhouse sinks are apron style, they reach farther forward than rimmed or undermount sinks.
    3. More Ergonomic:  Because the sink is closer, you do not have to strain as far to reach the sink.
    4. Wide: This is the side-to-side length. These sinks can range from 30" to 34" long.
    5. Apron, Not Cabinet: The front of the sink--called the apron--is exposed, no cabinetry in front.
    6. Spartan: It may be the "farmhouse" influence, but most of these sinks are fairly simple in style, no frills.
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    Best For: Classic Smooth-Front White Apron Sink

    Franke MHK Manor House Farmhouse Sink
    Franke MHK Manor House Farmhouse Sink. via Amazon

    Why You'll Want This:  If you want a traditional smooth-front white "farmhouse" sink, no frills, no fluting, you may like this Franke single basin sink.  

    Specs:  At 28" wide and 20" deep horizontally (the basin is 7" deep), this is a fairly compact sink that can be a one-for-one replacement for your current sink.

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    Best For: Sophisticated Matte Finish Apron Sink

    Kohler Dickinson Farmhouse Sink
    Kohler Dickinson Farmhouse Sink. via Amazon

    Why You'll Want This:  White porcelain and stainless steel surfaces reign supreme in the world of apron sinks.  So it is rare and refreshing to find a sink with a smooth, sophisticated matte black/tan surface, like this Kohler Dickinson.

    Specs:  Measuring 33" wide by 22 1/8" horizontally deep, with an 8 inch deep basin, this Kohler actually fits in the space of a regular kitchen sink.

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    Best For: Farmhouse Sink With a Unique Copper Patina

    Adams Copper Farmhouse Sink
    Adams Copper Farmhouse Sink. via Amazon

    Why You'll Want This:  Can you believe this gorgeous hammered copper kitchen sink?  Its lush patina and texture graces any kitchen--classic or modern.  

    Specs:  Scared of your copper turning green?  This sink is guaranteed not to discolor with normal use.  This single basin Adams 33" wide sink from Sinkology is 16 gauge 100% pure hammered copper.

    For a double-basin copper apron front sink, Sinkology's Rockwell Farmhouse sink fits the bill:

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    Best For: Ultra Traditional Fluted White Farmhouse Sink

    Mitrani Fluted Farmhouse Sink
    Mitrani Fluted Farmhouse Sink. via Amazon

    Why You'll Want This:  Because you, sir or madam, are a stickler for tradition!  The classic smooth apron front kitchen sink is not classic enough for you.  You want an apron front sink that screams classic (and even farmhouse?).

    Fluting--these multiple vertical grooves--evokes visions of Ionic columns or fluted door trim.

    One nice little secret about this sink is that it is reversible.  Should you change your mind upon delivery--or if you just tire of your fluted sink down the road--you can turn it around.  The other side is completely smooth, completely usable.

    Specs:  30" wide Mitrani Farmhouse Sink, single bowl, 100% fireclay.