15 Inspiring Farmhouse Bathrooms

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    Today's Farmhouse Style

    Bathtub and shower in rustic bathroom
    Astronaut Images / Getty Images

    You don't need to live on a farm to enjoy farmhouse style. Retro and rustic, the farmhouse style takes us to simpler times, when technology wasn't invading our everyday lives and where a bath was a luxury to be enjoyed after a day of honest work, perhaps accompanied by a good book and candles. You can create this style anywhere you live.

    The old-style flavor doesn't mean that the farmhouse bathroom can't be functional. Today's hardware, tubs, toilets, and sinks can be modern-performing but retro-looking. You can achieve the look and feel of a farmhouse bathroom with all the modern practicalities.

    Here are some inspiring farmhouse style bathroom designs to get you dreaming.

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    Bright and Open

    Farmhouse bathroom with standalone tub and skylights
    Skylight Specialists Inc.

    This medium-sized farmhouse bathroom, by Skylight Specialists Inc via Houzz, shows the characteristic brightness and use of natural materials that are found in many farmhouse-style decors. Bright skylights, lots of white, and natural wood all work together to contrast with the natural stone veneer wall and the dark wood floor. The freestanding tub and geometrical stool, along with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient skylights give this bathroom just a touch of modern.

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    Clean and Accessible Master Bath

    Soaking tub in farmhouse bathroom
    Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design

    The farmhouse style can also be elegant and accessible. This bathroom by Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design features neutral colors, a beautiful freestanding tub, a trendy shower stall, and shiplap paneled walls with tiled wainscotting for that rustic touch. Earthtone accents, flowers, and wall sconce lighting also are decidedly country touches. 

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    Bold Patterned Tiles

    Bold tile in farmhouse bathroom
    My Life From Home

    Open storage, rough wood cabinet with open storage and beautiful black and white patterned tile make this farmhouse bathroom by My Life From Home something to covet. The gorgeous mirrors, brass light fixtures and hardware, and simple white sinks finish off the look. Open shelving and natural wood tones are common features in farmhouse-style bathrooms. 

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    Retro Cast-Iron Tub

    Cast iron tub in white bathroom
    Walls And Floors Ltd

    Sometimes a single element or two is all you need to create a farmhouse style, as this interesting space from Walls And Flooring Ltd, via Houzz, shows. Just add a handmade stool in natural wood and a cast iron tub, and you've got a modern yet farmhouse-inspired space that works. You don't need to use rustic elements for every part of your bathroom.

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    Farmhouse-Style Vanity in Modern Bathroom

    Minimalist farmhouse bathroom
    Isabel Lopez Quesada

    A typical modern bathroom can gain a lot of charm and personality with a few farmhouse touches. This simple desk-turned-vanity, stained in a dark shade and varnished, is the perfect addition to this bathroom by Isabel Lopez-Quesada. A vessel sink, a few glass jars, a green plant and a French mirror finish up the look.

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    Sliding Barn Door in Ensuite Bathroom

    Wood-paneled farmhouse bathroom
    Peace Design

    Few things are more rustic and farm-inspired than barn doors. This modern farmhouse bathroom by Peace Design features a large track-mounted sliding barn door in rough, unfinished wood that matches the beams, wood trim, and furniture. Though decidedly rustic, this bathroom creates a touch of elegance with marble vanity tops. Thanks to the wood and natural materials used everywhere—including the adjoining bedroom—this suite feels very harmonious and calm, grounded in nature.


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    Farmhouse Sink With Blue Walls and Wood Tones

    Blue and brown farmhouse bathroom
    Shelley Paulson

    Farmhouse style rooms are frequently white, but this bathroom by Murphy & Co Design, via Houzz, uses a beautiful blue-and-brown color scheme, created by dark brown vanity and wood trim, and blue walls and towels. Old-style sconce lighting amplifies the farmhouse feel. But the focus here is the Kohler Gilford sink, with an elevated rear backsplash and plumbing fixtures. 

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    Blue and Gray With Beadboard Wainscotting

    Dusty blue and gray farmhouse bathroom
    S-B Long Interiors

    A farmhouse apron sink, cornflower-blue paint, beadboard wainscotting, and traditional hardware make this family bathroom by S-B Long Interiors a beautiful farmhouse-inspired space. Blue is second only to white as a preferred color for farmhouse-style rooms.

    The framed artwork at the top of the room, along with the beautiful contemporary ceiling wall fixture, add interesting and fun touches. Flowers in vases, such as the hydrangeas in this example, are common touches in farmhouse-style bathrooms, reinforcing the nature-inspired feel. 

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    Dreamy Bathroom With Vessel Sink

    Neutral-colored farmhouse bathroom
    Jenna Sue Design

    This dreamy farmhouse bathroom by Jenna Sue Design features a flat, square vessel sink, wall-mounted plumbing hardware, large horizontal shiplap paneling, a DIY over-the-toilet storage rack, wall sconce lighting fixtures, a wicker accent basket, a neutral color scheme, and natural wood furniture with open shelving. From top to bottom, every element is selected for its simple country feel, made all the more obvious in contrast to a bold-patterned tile floor. 

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    Powder Room With Floating Vanity

    Farmhouse bathroom vanity
    Inspiro 8 Studios Photography

    Wicker baskets, shiplap paneling, and wooden vanities are common choices for farmhouse bathrooms, and this one by Wright Design is no exception, even if the room tiny. The large floating vanity is an especially good choice since it opens up lots of floor space while hiding the plumbing connections. A vessel sink, wall-mounted faucet valves, and wall sconce lighting fixtures are also common touches for a farmhouse-style bathroom, as is the flower vase as a countertop accent. 

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    Clawfoot Tub With Ladder Shelving

    Farmhouse bathroom with ladder shelf

    The antique touches of this bathroom give it a nice, lived-in farmhouse feel. This design from HomeBNC features a shelving unit made from an unfinished wood ladder as a focal point against the all-over white design. A clawfoot tub and standing candelabra in wrought iron make this bathroom the place to relax with a book and a glass of wine on a Friday night.

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    Green Bathroom With French Doors

    Green farmhouse bathroom
    Tecnica Construcciones

    This spacious master bathroom by Tecnica Construcciones, via Houzz, is a beautiful and calming take on the farmhouse style. Two separate vanities open up space for the window, and French doors at the back provide privacy for bathing. The pale green color scheme is traditional and calming. In addition to whites, colors found in nature, such as blue, yellow, and green, are common choices for farmhouse bathrooms. The very modern all-glass frameless shower serves as a contrast that emphasizes the country nature of every other element in this bathroom. 

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    Modern Farmhouse Bath

    Warmly-lit farmhouse bathroom
    Darby Kate Photography

    Farmhouse bathrooms can be modern without losing their country authenticity. This clean, modern farmhouse bathroom by Irwin Construction shows that genuine farmhouse details, such as the shower curtain rail and reclaimed wood, can coexist with more modern elements such as white subway tile, modern light fixtures, and a wood-look porcelain tile floor.

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    Skirted Vanity

    Farmhouse bathroom with skirted vanity
    Lauren Leonard Interiors​

    Vertical-plank paneled walls and an open vanity skirted with fabric bring a retro farmhouse touch to this bathroom by Lauren Leonard Interiors. Vertical-plank or beadboard paneling is a common choice for farmhouse-style rooms, where it harkens to the board-and-batten siding of traditional barn construction. A vessel sink with retro bronze faucet and distressed wood touches add to the farmhouse feel, without seeming too rustic.