17 Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

Modern farmhouse bathroom

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Modern farmhouse style is one of today's most popular home decor trends. The desire to create retro, neo-rustic living spaces reflects our nostalgia for a slower, simpler time. Taking cues from the country getaways of our rural escape fantasies, modern rustic bathrooms often use new retro-style finishes and fixtures to create idealized, high-functioning versions of the rustic chic country house bathrooms of our dreams. This might mean swapping hardwood flooring for surprisingly convincing wood-effect tiles, sourcing brand new claw-foot tubs and vintage-style pedestal, or farmhouse sinks with old-style plumbing fixtures.

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    Add Character

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Nicole Franzen / Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    For a modern farmhouse bathroom with an authentic soul, try to incorporate reclaimed, vintage and antique items whenever possible sourced online or in flea markets and thrift stores. An antique mirror hung above the sink, a thrift store dresser repurposed as a sink vanity, a refinished salvaged claw-foot tub or reclaimed hardwood flooring can add a load of charm to a space. When styling your farmhouse bathroom, look for little details that will add a humble, rustic, homey touch, like wire or wicker baskets for storage, vintage doorknobs or towel racks, thrift store paintings, and objects and finishes with a weathered patina that look like they have stories to tell.

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    Dark and Dreamy

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Beth Kirby / Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    This dreamy, moody modern farmhouse bathroom design from interior designers Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. features a stunning dark raw reclaimed wood wall behind the freestanding vintage-style bathtub with scene-stealing retro plumbing fixtures. Plenty of textiles—curtains, rug, towels—in shades of white and cream soften and freshen things up just a touch.

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    Tone on Neutral Tone

    Modern farmhouse bathroom.
    Jenna Sue Design

    This modern farmhouse bathroom makeover from Jenna Sue at Jenna Sue Design transformed a dated 70s bathroom into what she calls a “natural romantic vintage boho inspired design” version of modern farmhouse style. She made a DIY ladder from reclaimed wood and turned a vintage buffet found on Craigslist into a vanity. For a luxurious contemporary touch, she used candelabra bulbs in the sconces for romantic nighttime lighting.

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    Creamy Paint and Raw Wood

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Jenna Sue Design

    This modern farmhouse bathroom from Jenna Sue Design has a soothing ambiance thanks to creamy paint on the shiplap walls, a rustic repurposed raw wood dresser turned vanity topped with a modern sink, and details like country-style metal light fixtures and floating rustic wood and metal shelves.

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    Shades of White and Dark Wood

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Nicole Franzen / Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    Shades of white on shiplap-covered walls, a cream-colored metal sconce and a vintage style medicine cabinet over the old school pedestal sink with visible plumbing create a simple, comforting, timeless modern farmhouse bathroom from Jersey Ice Cream Co. A dark wood antique side table with turned legs creates a place to display pretty bathroom essentials or fresh flowers, and adds a note of history to the simple and serene space.

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    Mixed Woods

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Nicole Franzen / Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    Jersey Ice Cream Co. created a centerpiece for this stunning modern rustic farmhouse bathroom by mounting white marble double sinks on three turned pedestal legs in a light wood that contrasts with the dark wood stained original floors and fresh white painted shiplap walls. A frameless mirror keeps it bright and airy and vintage-style fixtures and sconces add a warm finishing touch.

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    Modern Farmhouse Industrial

    Modern farmhouse industrial bathroom
    Beth Kirby / Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    The industrial spin on this chic modern rustic bathroom that combines two trendy styles into a timeless design. Strong black accents—on the mirror frame, industrial sconces, walk-in shower frame and interior bench—add contrast to simple white subway tile walls. A concrete farmhouse style sink mounted on a rustic wood open vanity offer a tough farmhouse vibe that isn't twee.

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    Dark Wood

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    Jersey Ice Cream Co. kept the highlight on the rustic bones of this casually chic modern farmhouse bathroom: slanted ceilings, a skylight perfectly positioned above the bathtub, rich wood beams and dark wood floors and window frames. Crisp white painted walls, a black claw-foot tub, gauzy white curtains and a breezy macrame wall hanging are all this inviting room needs to shine.

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    Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    This handsome modern farmhouse bathroom from Jersey Ice Cream Co. gets a mid-century modern twist with an ingeniously repurposed vintage wood banquette turned vanity for double sinks that melds perfectly with the slanted rustic ceiling beams and looks striking set against white painted walls. A round mirror, vintage style sconces, and a wire basket for storing towels completes the look.

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    Bronze Hardware

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    Gleaming bronze plumbing on the freestanding bathtub adds a note of luxe modern farmhouse bling to this bathroom from Jersey Ice Cream Co. Matching plumbing in the contemporary glass walk-in shower creates a polished look.

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    Warm Brass and Farmhouse Sinks

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    Warm brass details, white marble counter tops, and farmhouse sinks mounted on a rustic wooden vanity create an instant classic of a modern farmhouse bathroom from Jersey Ice Cream Co.

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    Simple and Natural

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    Eric Audras / Getty Images

    A claw-foot tub, a woven rug made from natural fibers, a rustic wooden stool to hold a motley assortment of pillar candles, a pile of humble quality linens and a view outside the window create a modern farmhouse bathroom vignette for the ages.

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    Modern Farmhouse Minimalist

    Modern farmhouse bathroom
    John Keeble / Getty Images

    A view of farmland—or any form of nature beyond the windows—is an excuse for a pared down take on modern farmhouse style that is achievable anywhere. A warm blush paint job warms up the spartan space, while a green painted vintage medicine cabinet and a vintage oval mirror with simple, clean lines hangs over the sink to reflect the view from the window and add a decorative note to this serene space.

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    Contemporary Farmhouse

    Modern farmhouse powder room
    jodiejohnson / Getty Images

    This contemporary farmhouse bathroom features bright white painted shiplap, Shaker cabinets on the sink vanity, vintage-style plumbing and a vase of fresh flowers to bring home the country vibes. It's proof that you can inject a subtle note of modern farmhouse style to contemporary interiors by keeping it simple.

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    Black Metal Details

    Rustic modern farmhouse bathroom
    The Good Brigade / Getty Images

    This farmhouse bathroom gets a modern twist with black taps on the pedestal sink, a black iron towel ring hung on the wall and a black metal chair. A simple wood framed mirror flanked with vintage-style sconces, gray painted wide wood floorboards, and a metal bucket repurposed as a waste basket create a livable modern farmhouse bathroom that feels both timeless and on trend.

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    Antique Furniture and Plants

    Farmhouse bathroom with plants
    Mint Images / Helen Norman

    In the dressing room area of this lovely farmhouse bathroom, a marble topped antique light wood table that might in another era have held a pitcher and washbasin turns into a functional vanity thanks to a pretty curved mirror hung above it with crisp white towels stacked underneath. Tile floors and stone arches keep the room grounded in the past, fresh paint on the walls, hooks to hold fluffy bathrobes, and lots of houseplants add a dose of modern comfort.

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    Modernized Farmhouse

    Modern bathroom in old farmhouse
    phototropic / Getty Images

    In this modern bathroom in a restored 500-year-old farm building, weathered oak beams support the roof and keep the design grounded in history. New oak flooring updates the space while remaining classic. A pair of pedestal sinks functions as a deconstructed double vanity. An old-style black bathtub is the room's centerpiece, perfectly coexisting with a modern glass walk-in shower at one end of the room.