Fascinating Guiness World Records for Swimming, Pools

The Answers to All Your Bar Bets and Questions

As with any Guiness World Record, don't ask why. The answer is always going to be because. Because it's there. Because you, he, she, they or we can. It's part of human nature, spirit, competition, and, frankly, the reason the Guiness World Record exists. It's also a not-so-subtle PR method, a way of getting your name, company or brand on the map.

To satisfy those burning questions:

Where is the world's largest swimming pool? How many people wore swim caps together at one time, and What was the largest number of people to perform a synchronized swimming performance?
Who knows? Maybe these will give you inspiration to break some other as-yet-unbroken record.

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    World's Largest Swimming Pool

    pool in chile largest pool
    Overhead view of the world's largest pool. San Alfonso del Mar

    While Olympic-size swimming pools are definitely big, the world's "Largest Swimming Pool By Area" honors goes to a large, water sports and activity-oriented seaside resort in Chile. Its freshwater lagoon, built by the international firm Crystal Waters, entertains water- and sun-loving guests at the San Alfonso del Mar year-round. These pictures may explain part of the appeal.

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    Deepest Pool for Diving

    When: Opened May 1, 2004
    What: The Nemo 33 diving pool
    Where: Uccle, Brussels, Belgium
    Size: The pool has a depth of 108 feet (33 meters) at its deepest point. It contains approximately 660,000 U.S. gallons (2.5 million liters) of water

    Details: Brussels' Nemo 33 diving pool was designed by John Beernaerts and is used for dive training, leisure diving, research and underwater filming.

    The water is kept at a constant 91.4ºF (33ºC), kept heated via assorted solar panels. The diving pool has two basins and three pits, the deepest of which is 19 feet, 7 inches (6 meters) across and drops to 108 feet (33 meters). Underwater caves for exploration and three air-filled diving bells enable diving instructors to communicate with their students without returning to the surface.

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    Largest Wave Pool

    When: April 30, 2009
    Where: Siam Park City leisure park wave pool in Bangkok, Thailand

    The 149,389-foot (13,600-meter) wave pool at Bangkok's Siam Park City has been making waves -- big, sprawling ones -- for more than 30 years.

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    Most People to Swim One Length in a 24-Hour Relay

    When: June 11-12, 2010
    What: Most people swimming one length in a 24-hour relay
    Where: Padovanuoto, Padua (Padova), Italy
    Cause: Swim For Children
    Youngest Participant: 4 years old
    Oldest Participant: 81 years old

    The most participants to swim one length each during a 24-hour relay is 5,028 and was set by Swim For Children in Italy. More than 50,000 EUR ($61,000) was raised for the Paediatric Research Institute "Citt della Speranza". Participants covered a distance of more than 92 km (57 mi).

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    Longest Duration Juggling Three Objects Underwater

    When: February 11, 2011
    Where: Andorra

    Underwater juggling sensation Zdenek Bradac of the Czech Republic scored the title of "Longest Underwater Juggling of Three Objects" in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. The feat was accomplished at the Melnik Swimming Pool in Melnik, Czech Republic. Zdenek wore scuba gear and juggled three balls, using the classic cascade juggling pattern.

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    Largest Skinny Dipping, Multiple Venues

    When: July 11, 2008
    Where: Throughout the United States
    Number of Participants: 13,674

    The largest skinny dipping event involved 13,674 Participants, organized by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) at 103 club resorts in July 2008.

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    Largest Skinny Dipping

    When: June 19, 2011
    Where: Llangennith, South Wales, United Kingdom
    Number of Skinny Dippers: 413

    The awkwardly titled "Largest Skinny Dipping" (swimming naked) record goes to Midsummer Skinny Dip. Exactly 413 participants swam in the buff to benefit the charity Marie Curie Cancer Care.

    Sorry, no photos.

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    Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool

    When: September 8, 2012 Number of Nationalities: 82
    Who: The Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

    The Guiness World Record for Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool was both attempted and achieved by and at the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Bluche, Switzerland. To prove they truly were deserving of the distinction, the students at Les Roches provided their passports as proof of their nationality.

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    Largest Gathering of People Wearing Swimming Caps

    When: January 1, 2012
    Where: South Beach of Tybee Island in Georgia, United States
    How Many: The largest gathering of people wearing swim caps ever was 2,049

    The One For the Books was initiated as part of Tybee Island's annual Polar Bear Plunge, which took place afterwards. Because so many of the participants were fully clothed, they did not qualify for the largest polar bear dip. Polar bear plunge "dips" are traditionally held on New Year's Day, as a bold and freezing way of splashing in a new year.

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    Most People Performing a Synchronized Swimming Routine

    When: May 31, 2008
    Who: Olympium Synchronized Swim Club
    Where: Ontario, Canada

    The record for the most people performing a synchronized swimming routine was achieved by 186 participants at Olympium Pool, Ontario, Canada.

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    Most Underwater Rope Jumps

    When: August 23, 2001
    Where: Montauk, New York

    Just think how much time you waste in one hour, watching TV or fooling around online. You could achieve what Ashrita Furman did in the summer of '01: in just one hour, Furman jumped rope underwater 900 times at the Gurney's Inn swimming pool. Now wipe that guilt off your face and get to work!