10 Family Outing Ideas to Celebrate Father's Day

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    Spend a Day in the Park

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    Dad loves his neckties and lopsided pottery from Father's Days past, but it's not easy finding the perfect gift for Dad. This year, try a family Father's Day outing all of you can enjoy together.

    There's so much to do at the park that your activity choices are endless. Pack a lunch, load up the bikes, take your kites and head to the park. Spend time with Mother Nature taking part in activities that will turn all of you into nature lovers. There's no better gift for Dad than tim...MOREe with his family and you can give him a whole day of fun at the park with all of you.

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    Throw a Father's Day Party

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    Get some of your mom friends together or look closer to home and talk to your neighbors. Together, organize and throw a Father's Day bash in honor of all of the Dads.

    Host a pool party and let the moms show off their grilling skills with steaks or burgers for the food. Ask friends to bring their favorite outdoor games to entertain the guests of honor and their kids and simply celebrate all the dads in your family's lives.

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    Take a Day Trip

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    Whisk Dad away on a vacation, at least for a day. Pack up the car and head to a nearby city to explore the activities they offer. Look for botanical gardens, factory tours and theme museums, such as wax museums or even children's museums, if Dad's feeling like a good sport who'd like to share his day of fun.

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    Go Camping

    A picture of a dad and daughter camping
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    The best thing about camping is that you can do it on your own terms. Raining outside? Camp in the living room. Not a fan of the wilderness? Pitch a tent in the backyard. Or pack the family's gear and plan for some nighttime activities for your family when you go camping in the wild.

    Really want to surprise Dad for Father's Day? Rent a camper for the weekend and take your camping trip on the road.

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    Head to the Beach or the Lake

    A picture of a family at the beach
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    Soak in some sun at the beach or the lake this Father's Day. Take a radio, some outdoor toys and plenty of sunscreen and let Dad just relax by the water. If you're really feeling adventurous, rent a small boat for the day and trade fun by the water into fun on the water.

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    Take Dad Out to the Ball Game

    A picture of a family at a baseball game
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    Hit major or minor league baseball games at a stadium near you. Some stadiums offer budget-friendly seats in grassy areas near the outfield so you can spread a blanket for all of you to sit on and take in the big game. And on Father's Day, many venues offer special bonuses for bringing Dad, such as free admission, a free souvenir or a free beverage of Dad's choice.


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    Go Fishing

    A picture of a dad fishing with his kids
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    If the thought of hooks and worms gets Dad excited, make your Father's Day outing all about family fishing. Be sure to get everyone a fishing license and fish from the bank. Or really go for it and book the whole family on a chartered fishing expedition. And when you're done for the day, you've caught Dad's dinner too.

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    Get Wet at the Water Park

    A picture of a family at a water park
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    Cool off on Father's Day by floating your way into the local water park. Enjoy the kid-friendly rides together as a family.

    But then give Dad some well-deserved alone time with a twist. Tell him to go off and explore those giant water slides on his own while you and the kids cheer him on from your comfy dry spot at the bottom of that monstrous-looking water slide.

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    Play at an Amusement Center

    A picture of a father and son on go carts
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    An amusement center has everything you need to entertain Dad for Father's Day. From go carts to arcade games, mini golf to mini roller coasters, no one in your family can complain of being bored with so much around them to do.

    Look for family pack deals that bundle the activities you want to do at a discounted rate. Groupon is a great resource for finding these price breaks and so is the amusement center itself, which may be offering a Father's Day special that lets all of you ride the go...MORE carts, play a game of mini golf and get a certain amount of tokens for the arcade at a low price.

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    Plan Dinner and a Movie

    A picture of a family at the movies together
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    Rain or shine, it's always a good time to watch a movie. While Dad may not be able to take in the latest R-rated flick with the whole family in tow, you can still find plenty of great G- and PG-rated movies at the theater this Father's Day. Take the family to dinner at Dad's favorite restaurant before or after the movie for an extra special treat to top off his day.