Fathers' Rights Groups in the U.S.

Fathers' Rights Groups and Shared Parenting Oragnizations

There are many organizations around the country that focus on supporting and maintaining fathers' rights, both in family courts and through legislative action. Below is an annotated, alphabetical list of fathers' rights groups and shared parenting organizations in the U.S.:

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    The American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC) is a non-profit organization in support of shared parenting. The ACFC works closely with pro-family and civil liberties groups throughout the country in an effort to promote equal rights for both parents in family courts throughout the U.S. They also work to help shape family law legislation and raise public awareness around the issue of children needing both parents.

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    The Children's Rights Council was founded in 1985 and is a strong advocate for the active involvement of both parents in raising a child. in fact, their tagline is "The Best Parent is Both Parents®." In pursuit of social and legal justice, The Children's Rights Council serves to:

    • Protect the best interests of children in custody caes
    • Facilitate regular interactions between non-custodial parents and their children
    • Advocate for child custody reform

    The organization has chapters in...MORE every state throughout the U.S., as well as international chapters to support parents living abroad, either with or without their children.

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    Originally called the "Fathers and Families," the National Parents' Organization is a non-profit group that advocates for children's right to love and be cared for by both parents. The organization encourages shared parenting and works to protect equal rights, as well as equal responsibilities, for both parents. 

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    This web site is dedicated to educating fathers on the issues of divorce, child custody, and child support. Includes a free, regular podcast with Attorney Joseph Cordell.