14 Cozy Faux Fireplace Ideas

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There's just something utterly welcoming and comforting about a fireplace. Not only does it evoke feelings of warmth and security, but it also acts as a focal point for your living room or bedroom. A fireplace allows you more space for your decor and gives your room a true center.  

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    Cozy Faux Fireplaces

    Living room with a faux fireplace

    threebluebirdslovenest / Instagram

    But not all of us are lucky enough to have a working fireplace, or, let's be honest, some of us just don't want to deal with the wood and ashes. The good news? Even a faux fireplace can be just as cozy as a real one. This lovely farmhouse from threebluebirdslovenest proves that even if your fireplace is covered, it can still act as a wonderful centerpiece of your space. 

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    Fill It With Wood

    Faux fireplace
    mycarolinafarmhouse / Instagram

    Whether you have a fireplace that's closed off or you've added your own thrifted mantel, try filling the space with rustic wood slices, as seen in this lovely space from mycarolinafarmhouse. An unused fireplace is ripe with opportunity, but we love ideas that feel natural and reminiscent of an actual working fireplace.

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    It Can Still Provide Heat

    Faux fireplace with tiles

    our_home_on_the_ridge / Instagram

    If your reason for wanting to add a faux fireplace to your home is so you have an additional, cozy source of heat, you'll love this version from our_home_on_the_ridge. With just a freestanding electric stove and a beautiful eye-catching backsplash, she created a lovely place to cuddle when the temperature drops. 

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    A Modern Faux Fireplace

    black and white faux fireplace

    rayacampo_home/ Instagram

    We love this contemporary space from rayacampo_home, which features an electric fireplace with an easy-to-replicate mantle. You can buy an electric or a gas fireplace insert at your local hardware store and build a mantle around it for a look that feels completely built-in.

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    Shabby Chic

    White country chic living room

    simplyminedesigns / Instagram

    One of the reasons we love covered-up fireplaces is that with the right decor, they can really lend a country farmhouse vibe to any space. This lovely room from simplyminedesigns works with the white fireplace to create a shabby chic feel we adore.

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    Add Shiplap

    Faux fireplace with shiplap

    simplesweetalmostcomplete / Instagram

    Need an excuse to add more shiplap to your home? This living room inspo from simplesweetalmostcomplete is just the ticket. Covering your unused mantle with shiplap and filling the base with driftwood or white candles is a great way to lend a modern farmhouse feel to your space. 

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    Have Fun With the Space

    Fireplace with chevron design

    so.in.housetohome / Instagram

    Like we said earlier, an unused fireplace is full of potential. We love this chevron wood design from so.in.housetohome that not only feels cozy and homey, but draws the eye in and adds a lot of visual interest to the space.

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    Add a Fireplace in Different Rooms

    Table with pumpkins and fireplace behind

    carlsonsonthehill / Instagram

    Maybe you already have a working fireplace in your living room, but you're considering just how beautiful one would look in your dining room as well. This fall-ready dining space from carlsonsonthehill features a DIY mantle that adds a lot of personality and character to the space.

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    Consider Faux Brick

    TV over a faux fireplace with brick

    becausemammasaidso / Instagram

    If you want to make your DIY faux fireplace even more realistic, consider adding faux brick. This lovely option from becausemammasaidso can be easily replicated, and the synthetic white brick helps it feel even cozier, adding texture that looks great against the neutral palette. 

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    Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

    Colorful wallpaper and a faux fireplace

    rebeccadiy / Instagram

    If you really want to center your space around your faux fireplace, consider decorating the wall behind it with a bold, bright wallpaper, as in this idea from rebeccadiy. We also adore the chevron pattern, which makes it even more interesting and unique. Consider other tribal-inspired designs when filling your fireplace with wood. 

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    Keep It Simple

    Modern room with a fake fireplace

    alloverthehouse / Instagram

    A faux fireplace doesn't have to be overly decorated or styled. This lovely version from alloverthehouse is streamlined and simple, but equally as comforting. Consider the rest of your space and make sure your faux fireplace adds to the entirety of your decor.

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    Distract From the TV

    Tv over a faux electric fireplace

    redriverfarmhouse / Instagram

    This electric fireplace from redriverfarmhouse is a great way to distract from the TV above it, and keep the electronics from taking over. If you like having your TV placed at a specific height in your living room, crafting a faux fireplace and mounting it above is a great way to keep the living room looking classy.

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    Standalone Electric

    Electric fireplace with farmhouse decor

    our_country_dream / Instagram

    If you're a renter and you don't want to deal with a costly built-in DIY, consider adding a plug-in fireplace that is just as inviting and warm. This little electric stove from our_country_dream is the perfect choice for smaller spaces without the room for a big faux fireplace. Add a few accessories, and you'll have a great place to huddle around (and maybe even save on that electric bill).

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    Add Twinkle Lights

    Faux fireplace with twinkle lights
    Instagram / blakeysathome

    If you want to add a little more ambiance to your faux fireplace, consider a string of twinkle lights, as seen in this room from blakeysathome. Twinkle lights add a warm glow to your space and give off a similar feel to a working fireplace. If lights aren't your thing, consider a few tall white candles for a similar effect.