This Lifelike Faux Olive Tree Shines in My Bedroom

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the spruce review of a faux olive tree

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

As hard as many of my plant-loving pals try to convince me to introduce real life green friends into my apartment, the reality is that I'm not the best plant mom. Small, potted plants will do okay under my care, but I've watched too many live indoor trees decline over the years in my various apartments. Therefore, when I decided that I wanted to incorporate a fairly substantial pop of green into my bedroom, I knew I'd be going the faux route.

I've always loved the look of fake olive trees and have owned a few over the years, but for this spot in my apartment, I needed to go with something on the smaller, narrower side due to my furniture placement. Additionally, being someone who likes to change their decor up often, I never want to shell out too much money on any one accent piece. I knew that I wanted to source something pretty affordable—you'd be surprised how much some of these realistic looking fake plants can cost! To me, $150 or less seemed like an ideal budget, but at the same time, I didn't want to run the risk of purchasing something too inexpensive and have it show up at my doorstep looking completely plastic-like and unconvincing. All that to say, there's definitely a middle ground to keep in mind when shopping for fake plants. You want to at least create the illusion that perhaps that tree in the corner is real, even if your friends obviously know that you wouldn't label yourself as someone with a green thumb!

joyplants Artificial Olive Tree With Basket

artificial olive tree joyplants


I decided to browse the olive tree selection on Amazon, since it's often where I turn for wallet friendly pieces that I know will ship quickly (I'm an impatient decorator; once I have an idea in my mind, I like to execute it as soon as possible!). After just a bit of scrolling, I came across a stunning piece at the perfect price point. It arrived within days and looks right at home in the plaster-inspired plant pot that I purchased from Zara Home a few months back. (And the hue complements my velvet curtains perfectly, I might add!). The assembly was a snap; the tree I ordered is six feet tall and comes in two separate parts that are easily joined together.

fake olive tree in white pot

Sarah Lyon

I've been very happy with this olive tree and the pop of life that it adds to my New York City bedroom. As an urbanite, I'm not surrounded by lush greenery at all times and will take a little bit of "nature" where I can get it. To finish off the look and make my olive tree appear a bit more convincing, per my point earlier, I may even order a bit of moss and place that in the vessel. I've done this in the past with other faux plants and it's a great way to easily cover any plastic roots and add a bit of intrigue and texture. Little finishing touches can really make all the difference, particularly when dealing with fake plants.

up close look at olive tree

Sarah Lyon