31 Feature Walls for Every Room in Your Home

Dining room feature wall with large floral wallpaper next to window corner

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Not sure what to do with that big blank wall?

No matter your budget, you can transform it into a showstopping feature wall using a broad range of materials including paint, tile, wood, and even tape. Items like these are a great way to add color, texture, or both to any space in your home. And because you are decorating just one wall, you can add a lot of style to a room without making it feel too busy. To get you inspired, we gathered 31 fabulous feature walls for every taste.

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    Paint Splattered Feature Wall

    ultra violet bedspread
    Black Lacquer Design

    The clean, white walls in this contemporary bedroom were begging for color. Los Angeles, interior design firm Black Lacquer Design created a paint-splattered accent wall to anchor the sun-drenched space. 

    To make this look work, the team stuck to furniture and accessories in solid colors and simple patterns. That is because adding decorative accessories with loud motifs would make the room feel more chaotic than relaxing.

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    Fabric Feature Wall

     Feature wall covered in fabric

    If you crave pattern but cannot commit to wallpaper, Krys Melo, the blogger who pens Melodrama has the perfect solution. Her removable feature wall was created with fabric. The project cost her less than $20.

    The best fabric to use is lightweight cotton. A pretty bed sheet will do the trick. The other essential ingredient is liquid fabric starch.

    The first order of business is using thumbtacks to hang your fabric temporarily. Next, you will apply a thin coat of starch directly to the material using a clean paint roller. You can use a wallpaper smoothing tool to eliminate creases and bubbles. Afterward, let your new feature wall dry overnight. Next, pull out the tacks and remove excess fabric along the ceiling and corners with a box cutter. When it is time to switch things up, use water to dampen one of the fabric's edges, and slowly peel off. 

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    Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall

    Rustic Wood feature wall in a tiny home
    Jessica Helgerson Interior Designer

    We love projects that repurpose old building materials. This 540 square foot tiny home remodeled by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design based in Portland, Oregon has a reclaimed wood feature wall. The planks came from the home's original ceiling when it was opened up to create a loft bedroom.

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    Geometric Wallpaper Feature Wall

    colorful geometric patterns
    Emily Lister Interiors

    Want to make your home more colorful? Nashville, Tennessee interior designer Emily Lister used a patterned wallpaper called Geometric Prism by Cole & Son to create this multihued feature wall. It anchors the space by tying all the colors used throughout the room together.

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    Vertical Wood Panels

    white vertical shiplap in bedroom
    Amber Interiors

    Love the modern farmhouse style? This wood panel feature wall by Los Angeles design firm Amber Interiors adds a little rustic flair to a contemporary bedroom.

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    Chalkboard Feature Wall

    Chalkboard accent wall in kitchen
    Schappacher White Architecture

    Black walls are not everyone's cup of tea. But you can take the edge off the moody color with chalkboard paint.

    The black feature wall in this kitchen by Schappacher White DPC feels friendly and approachable thanks to chalk drawings.

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    Turn an Odd Angled Wall Into a Feature Wall

    wallpaper feature wall in nursery
    Studio Bonbon

    Sara Bonfield, the owner of Forrestfield an interior design firm based in London, turned a tiny attic into a cozy nursery. Covering the angled wall is a wallpaper called Woods in linen and charcoal by Cole & Son.

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    Abstract Mural Feature Wall

    Painted feature wall in dining room
    Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

    Besides paint, you will need painter's tape to create an abstract feature wall like this one by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. The mural incorporates soothing tones of blue, green, and yellow that complement the apartment's neutral color scheme. ​

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    How to Fake a Stone Feature Wall

    Stone feature wall in Spanish apartment
    Egue and Seta

    Behind the old drywall in this Barcelona apartment renovated by Spanish interior design firm Egue and Seta was a gorgeous stone feature wall. You can recreate this look in your home using manufactured fieldstone siding by brands like Veneerstone or Country Ledgestone.

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    Ceiling Tile Feature Wall

    reclaimed ceiling tile feature wall
    Contour Interior Design

    Reclaimed ceiling tiles dress up a wall in this New York City bachelor pad by Nina Magon Studio. The team selected tiles in five different patterns and then painted them in coordinating colors to create cohesion. 

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    World Map Feature Wall

    play room with map feature wall

    An oversized map spruces up a wall in this playroom by U.K. based interior design firm Leivars. The feature wall brightens the space with color while encouraging wee ones to learn about world geography.

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    Combine Wallpaper With a Stylish Print

    word decor sign decor
    Tamara Magel

    In this New York City apartment by interior designer Tamara Magel, an arrow inspired feature wall gets a fun boost from a typography art print. 

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    Subway Tile Feature Wall

    subway tile feature wall in living room
    Egue and Seta

    This Barcelona apartment by Spanish interior design firm Egue and Seta has two gorgeous feature walls.

    First off, we love when standard building materials pop up in unexpected places. Here concrete walls frame a subway tile feature wall in the living room. 

    The wood slat wall with the gorgeous greenery in front is a stylish accent that takes the chilly edge off the cool-toned walls and floor.

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    Tongue and Groove Paneling

    shiplap feature wall in bathroom
    Gabriel Holland Interior Design

    Give any room a charming twist with tongue and groove paneling — this feature wall by Gabriel Holland Interior Design based in London perks up an old bathroom.

    It is essential to note that all bathroom features must withstand wet and humid conditions. Several coats of water-resistant paint keep these wood panels both mold and mildew free.

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    How to Fake a Brick Feature Wall

    antique marble fireplace
    Alison Jennison

    When the old drywall in this Brooklyn townhouse was torn down, the brick wall was a welcomed surprise says interior designer Alison Jennison. But if you do not have the same luck, you get the look and feel of the real thing using a thin brick installation kit. They make it a cinch to add brick veneer to any wall in your home. You could also fake the look using brick wallpaper. For added dimension, look for textured options.

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    Board and Batten Feature Wall

    wainscotting feature wall
    Studio McGee

    Nothing adds architectural interest like a board and batten feature wall like one by Studio McGee, a design firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We appreciate how the decorative trim throws focus on the framed prints.

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    Yes, You Can Make This Feature Wall

    wanderlust accent wall
    Classy Clutter

    Savannah, one of the DIY bloggers behind Classy Clutter, created this spectacular feature wall in her primary bedroom. She used wood trim to make the design. Afterward, she painted the wall a shade called Wanderlust by Behr.  

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations as well as the Real Estate Standards Organization have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as potentially discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

    Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to make The Spruce a site where all feel welcome.

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    Create a Pretty Rainbow Accent Wall

    rainbow feature wall
    A Beautiful Mess

    Why use just one color when you can work with every shade of the rainbow? This multihued feature wall by A Beautiful Mess was created with chalk paint. It is arguably one of the most straightforward paints to use because it will cover most surfaces without sanding or priming. Keep in mind that finished projects will have a matte finish that can chip easily. Completing your project with a topcoat designed for chalk paint will keep things protected while enhancing paint colors.

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    How to DIY a Faux Barn Wood Feature Wall

    warm faux rustic plank wall
    Kristine Eldridge

    Simply put, authentic barn wood planks are way more expensive than virgin boards. That is why we love this ​DIY feature wall by Los Angeles photographer, Kristin Eldridge. She faked the look of reclaimed wood for much less than the real thing. 

    After purchasing dozens of pine boards at her local home improvement store, she distressed them in her backyard using kitchen utensils. Afterward, she applied five different wood stains to create a multi-hued look. Because she knows her DIY limits, she hired a contractor to install the stained panels.

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    Turn a Storage Wall into a Feature Wall

    Bookcase feature wall with cool paint job
    Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

    In many homes, built-in storage typically blends into walls seamlessly. But here a two-toned paint job by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design turns storage into a stylish feature wall. The striking diagonal line draws the eye upward throwing focus on The Kopra Burst light fixture by David Weeks Studio.

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    Wood Trim Adds Architectural Interest to Plain Walls

    vertical molding on wall
    Charles Mellersh

    Feature walls can be subtle. This example by London interior designer Charles Mellersh makes an elegant statement using pine molding. Thin boards like these are a great way to add architectural interest to unadorned walls. You can find them at most home improvement stores that sell wall trim.

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    Rustic Wood Shingle Feature Wall

    Shingle feature wall in bedroom
    1st Option

    You can pretty much use any nontoxic building material you please to create a stunning feature wall. A, for instance, is this bedroom spotted​ on 1st Option. Reclaimed wood shingles turn a plain wall into a rustic masterpiece.

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    Millwork Feature Wall

    square wall treatment
    Tina Marie Interior Design

    Turn a dull, cookie-cutter room into a space of distinction with this dazzling feature wall idea by ​Tina Marie Interior Design. The company based in Lake Mary, Florida created the wall with store-bought millwork. Afterward, it was painted a shade called Smokey Taupe by Benjamin Moore.

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    How to DIY a Herringbone Feature Wall

    DIY herringbone feature wall with reclaimed wood
    Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

    Create a tasteful feature wall in your kitchen with this idea by Tasha. She is the do-it-yourselfer behind the blog Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. Her project repurposes wood from an old privacy fence. Before installing the planks, they were carefully cut to create a herringbone pattern.

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    Washi Tape Feature Wall

    Washi tape feature wall in playroom
    Play Chic Interiors

    Here is a brilliant idea 100 percent worth stealing from Play Chic Interiors. They are a design firm based in New York City that specializes in bedrooms and playrooms for children. They used washi tape in muted hues to create two feature walls in this Scandinavian inspired space.

    If you are not in the know, washi tape is a lot like masking tape, so it is a snap to apply and later remove. Many crafts stores sell the material in a broad range of widths, colors, and patterns.

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    Edgy Floral Wallpaper Feature Wall

    wallpaper and tile feature wall
    Black Lacquer Design

    Caitlin Murray, the interior designer behind Black Lacquer Design based in Los Angeles, says this living room she created for a client with gothic sensibilities is the perfect mashup of glam-punk décor and craftsman architecture. The feature wall covered in floral wallpaper gives the space an edgy Anna Sui inspired vibe.

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    IKAT Feature Wall

    Stenciled half wall
    Our Fifth House

    Carmel Phillips, the home improvement expert behind Our Fifth House, gave a wall in her dining room a little IKAT love. The feature wall was created using a stencil by Olive Leaf Stencils. The finished project makes it tough to believe that Carmel never used a stencil before. 

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    Tufted Feature Wall

    Upholstered feature wall in bedroom
    Spaces Designed

    If you love tufted furniture behold this cushy feature wall by Spaces Designed based in Austin, Texas. The upholstered wall features oversized buttons arranged in a classic diamond pattern.

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    Black Feature Wall

    Bathroom feature wall
    Versatile Renovations

    The remodelers at Versatile Renovations based in Brooklyn, New York punched up this white bathroom with a black feature wall. The dark paint color beautifully sets off the brass fixtures and graphic floor tile.

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    Hexagon Floor Tile Feature Wall

    Kitchen accent wall covered in floor tile hexagon pattern
    Egue and Seta

    Spanish firm Egue and Seta used hexagon floor tiles to turn a weird wall in this Barcelona apartment into a stunning feature. Another stylish accent that wins our hearts is the transition between the tile and hardwood flooring.

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    Shiplap Feature Wall

    Blue shiplapped feature wall
    NK Living

    Thanks to Joanna and Chip, we are all obsessed with shiplap paneling. Feature walls like this bespoke one by London design firm, NK Living will add rustic texture to any space in your home. Even better, installing one yourself is relatively easy. Besides primary materials such as wood and nails, necessary tools include a saw, hammer, and level.