Febreze Plug Air Freshener Product Review

Two Scents in One Air Freshener

Febreze plug in unit

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Febreze Plug is a scented oil plug-in air freshener with odor blockers and eliminators that works by gently heating the oils to emit fragrance as it alternates between two complementary scents. The product is part of Procter and Gamble's Febreze line that includes the signature fabric refresher in multiple scents, as well as spray and non-electrical air fresheners, wax melts and candles, and air fresheners for cars.

Originally sold as Febreze Noticeable, the product has been redesigned and rebranded as Febreze Plug. If you have one of the older plug-in models with the tulip-shaped head, it can still be used with the current refill vials.

Available in more than 20 dual scents, new floral, spice, and fruity scents are constantly being introduced to celebrate the changing seasons. Some of the newest offerings are the Febreze Light scents of Bamboo, Sea Spray, and Lavender for consumers who prefer lighter fragrances. Febreze Plug starter kits include the plug unit and one or two refills. The plug and refills can also be purchased separately.

How Does Febreze Plug Work?

A two-piece system, a glass vial containing two separate scents is inserted into the plug-in unit. The unit is then connected to an electrical outlet. The plug acts as a warmer helping to release the fragrances into the air. The warmer can be adjusted to emit the desired intensity of the fragrances. The vials of oil are designed to last for up to 1200 hours when used on low. When the vials are empty, the base unit can be reloaded with new vials and reused.

The product ingredients are listed as odor blockers, odor eliminators, and fragrances. Febreze Plug uses aldehydes, which act as an odor magnet; odor-trapping starches, where macromolecules surround odor molecules so they fall to the ground instead of circulating through the air, and fragrances to replace malodors. To see a full disclosure of the ingredients in each different scent, visit the Febreze website and click on the Smart Label icon for each specific product. While most of the ingredients are synthetic chemicals, the product contains no dyes, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

How to Use a Febreze Plug

  1. Open the Plug-in Unit

    Remove the plug-in unit from the packaging. Determine placement in the designated electrical outlet. The plug rotates to ensure that the unit can fit into any electrical outlet, no matter its orientation.

    deciding where the plug in unit should go

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    Never insert the plug-in unit into an electrical outlet with the vials in a sideways or upside-down position. This will cause leakage and is a potential electrical hazard.

  2. Insert Scented Oil Vials

    If you are refilling the plug-in unit, discard the empty oil vial. The glass can be recycled in some local waste management containers or at Terracycle. Unscrew both caps from the new refill and discard. Insert the glass unit completely into warmer until you hear a click.

    The scented oils can be an irritant to the eyes and skin. Always wash your hands after handling the vials.

    inserting the scented vials until a click is heard

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  3. Adjust the Scent Intensity and Plug In the Unit

    Adjust the level of scent from low to high as desired and then plug the unit into the outlet. Most plug-in air freshers use about four watts of electricity while activated. If the unit is used 365 days, the total usage will be 35.4-kilowatt hours per year.

    plugging in the unit

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    As with most home care products, Febreze Plug should be kept out of reach of children and pets. If the oils are swallowed, call a poison control center or physician immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If the oils have splattered into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 20 minutes. If eye irritation persists, consult a physician.

  4. Clean the Unit

    If the unit becomes dusty, unplug the air freshener and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. If you notice oil residue in the unit during vial changes, wipe it away with a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth. Never use any water or water-based cleaner to clean the plug-in.

    cleaning the unit with a microfiber cloth

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  • Available in a variety of scents including lighter versions

  • Scent levels are adjustable

  • Glass vials are recyclable in local waste management containers or at Terracycle

  • Plug-in unit is reusable and low wattage

  • Scented oil vials can leak if not inserted properly

  • Scented oils are potential eye and skin irritants

  • Not safe to use around pet birds

Final Thoughts

Febreze Plug was created to allow customers to periodically change the scent in a room while also removing unpleasant odors. The unit has a sleek design and easy to use. The range of a single Febreze Plug is limited to a single room. You'll need to buy several if you want to freshen and scent an entire house.

While Febreze Plug uses controlled particle sizes, that are nearly impossible to inhale deeply into the lungs, everyone's sensitivity to fragrances is different. Anyone with concerns or compromised respiratory systems should consult a doctor before using any air freshening products.