How the Federal Parent Locator Service Is Used to Find Parents

Child Support Laws and the Federal Parent Locator Service

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The Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) was established to find parents for the purpose of establishing, modifying, or enforcing child support orders. The FPLS will provide the location of any child support obligor who:

  • Owes back child support
  • Is sought for a new child support obligation
  • Is sought for a child support modification

What are the goals of the FPLS?

The goals of the FPLS are to:

  • Find parents for the purposes of establishing paternity and child support obligations
  • Find parents for the purpose of assisting in child support modification
  • Identify additional child support orders for different people or orders located in different states
  • Assist in locating parents regarding parental abduction cases

Who can request information regarding the whereabouts from the FPLS?

The following governmental entities may request information from the FPLS:

  • State agencies
  • Federal agencies
  • Attorneys representing federal or state agencies

Unfortunately, parents cannot request information directly from the FPLS. All requests must be filtered through a state locator service.

Which information is transmitted from the FPLS?

The FPLS will transmit the following information regarding the whereabouts of a parent:

  • Most recent address
  • Parent's social security number
  • Name and address of a parent's employer
  • Parental wages
  • Information on assets, debts that are owed to or owed by a parent

Information that is discovered from the FPLS is accurate and remainsĀ confidential.

For more information about the Federal Parent Locator Service, contact your state's local child support enforcement agency or speak with a qualified attorney in your state who has helped to find parents who are wanted in an outstanding child support case.