What should I feed my pregnant queen?

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Question: What should I feed my pregnant queen?

My pregnant cat is awfully thin. What can I feed her to fatten her up and ensure that her kittens develop well?

Answer: You are indeed right to be concerned about your queen's health and the health of her kittens. It's best to switch to a nourishing kitten food during the last trimester of her pregnancy (the last three or four weeks), or even earlier if she is not gaining weight.

I would recommend a premium canned food, supplemented by dry food if she is still hungry. Be sure she gets plenty of water, and it wouldn't hurt for the last week or so to give her KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement), readily found in most pet food stores, to ensure a good milk supply for the kittens.

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She should continue eating the kitten food after giving birth, at least until the kittens are weaned. Nursing kittens are a tremendous drain on the queen's body, and I know you want to keep both her and her kittens healthy. See the sidebar for my top picks on canned and dry kitten foods.

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