Felt Fall Leaves and Acorns Scrapbook Page Embellishments

Make Your Own Money Saving Scrapbook Page Decorations

Making your own scrapbook page decorations can save you a lot of money when it comes to embellishing your layouts. These step by step instructions will show you how to make felt embellishments for pennies. These layered and stitched fall leaves and acorns fit in with current scrapbook trends while being very easy on your budget. Save the free pattern below and then begin making beautiful fall embellishments for your scrapbook page.

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    Free Fall Leaf Pattern for Scrapbooking
    Fall Leaf Pattern. Ludens

    To get started making felt embellishments for your fall-themed scrapbook pages, you will want to save this Fall Leaves Pattern to your computer. Click on the image and then right-click on the full-size image so that you can select "save as." After you have saved the file to your computer, you will want to insert it into a word processing document so that you can re-size and print it. I printed it out in four different sizes so that I would have some variety when I started making my...MORE leaves. For more ideas for using this pattern be sure to read Rebecca's Fall Leaf Scrapbook Page Idea. This page shows cardstock leaves with machine stitching for the vein down the middle of each one.

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    Cutting the Felt

    Cutting out felt leaves to make fall scrapbook page embellishments.
    Cutting out the felt leaves. Ludens

    After printing the patterns, cut one of the leaves out very roughly. You do not need to take the time to cut it out perfectly right now. Once you have it rough-cut, you simply hold the pattern on top of a piece of felt and cut it out. If you are having trouble holding the pattern in place, you may want to use some pins (used for sewing or quilting) to pin the pattern to the felt. With nice sharp scissors, I didn't have any trouble at all cutting the felt.

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    Stitching the Leaf

    Stitching the Felt with DMC Floss
    Hand Stitching the Felt. Ludens

    After I cut the leaf out of a rusty dark red color of felt, I also cut it out in a slightly smaller size from a golden yellow color of felt. You can use just one layer or pile on additional layers of leaves as desired. To both hold the layers together and also add detail to the leaf, I used 6 strand DMC floss to stitch a leaf veining pattern. Take your time with this step to create nice even stitches. Choose a color of floss that contrasts nicely with your felt so that your stitching will show...MORE up nicely on the leaves. For ideas for using hand stitching on scrapbook pages, you can read 6 Tips for Hand Stitching on Scrapbook Pages. Also, for more help, I have written a step by step tutorial called Hand Stitching on Scrapbook Pages.

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    Completed Leaf

    The Completed Leaf for Scrapbooking using felt and hand stitching.
    Finished Felt Leaf Embellishment. Ludens

    The completely stitched leaf will look like this. The floss is from my stash of old cross stitch craft supplies and the felt was 34 cents for each 9x12 inch sheet at my local craft store. So my total investment into all of the leaves and acorns that I will be making is very minimal. Plus, I will have a lot of felt leftover that I can use on future scrapbook pages.

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    Acorn Pieces Using a Leaf Pattern

    Making an acorn from the leaf pattern.
    Felt Acorn Pieces for Fall Scrapbook Page Embellishments. Ludens

    The same pattern shown above can be used to create acorns. Simply take one of the birch-like leaves and trim it as shown here to make it into two acorn pieces a top and a bottom. Cut the top from brown felt and the bottom from tan or a light red-orange felt.

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    Stitched Acorn

    Felt Acorn with Stitching
    Felt Acorn Completed with Stitching. Ludens

    Taking a few minutes to add some stitching really adds detail to the acorns. I stitched across the bottom edge of the cap and then added some angled stitches to give the piece a more three-dimensional look. Since the acorns end up being a smaller embellishment, I created three of them for my scrapbook page.

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    Completed Felt Fall Leaves and Acorns Scrapbook Page Embellishments

    Scrapbooking with fall themed felt hand-made embellishments.
    Fall Leaves and Acorns hand-made from felt. Ludens
    A collection of the felt fall leaves and acorn embellishments can be completed in just over an hour and the cost is right around a dollar in supplies. Visit Fall Scrapbook Page Ideas here on About.com Scrapbooking for more ideas for embellishing your autumn-themed scrapbook pages including layouts about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Autumn Traditions. I used these embellishments on a scrapbook page and have posted a free scrapbook page sketch of that layout in Free Fall Scrapbook Page Sketch...MORE Using Felt Leaves Embellishments.