How a Feng Shui Aquarium Can Improve Your Home's Energy

Aquarium tank with underwater foliage and small fish

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Feng shui is an ancient practice that originated in China. The words feng shui literally translate to “wind” and “water” in the Chinese language. This practice works with energy as well as symbols to modulate the qi (or life force energy) in your home so that you can live more in harmony with your environment. Because of this connection to nature, it makes sense that one of the important symbols in feng shui is the fish. Fish have long been an emblem of abundance in East Asia. Fish and rice are food staples for these cultures and a significant component of their economies.

Fish Symbology

The Chinese carp is a lot like the salmon in the sense that these species of fish are known for their perseverance as they swim against the current. Though it’s challenging to swim upstream, there is strength that is cultivated through this. The carp is a reminder that we are able to move through difficulties and receive great rewards. In Asia, there is a story of the carp that swam up the Yellow River and leapt through the dragon’s gate to transform into a powerful dragon. 

In feng shui, we also observe that fish can maneuver with freedom, without any obstacles. Fish swimming in water (like an aquarium) are constantly moving the qi around, creating more flow in your life.

Water Element

The beauty of working with a feng shui aquarium is that it also includes the attributes of the water element in your feng shui adjustment. Like fish, the water element is also connected to the flow of energy, wealth, and opportunities for you. Having an aquarium brings in the water element in a way that stays fresh and circulates, with the inclusion of natural life (the fish).

goldfish in an aquarium with colorful plants

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Best Feng Shui Aquarium Locations

You can take some time to contemplate and lay out the feng shui bagua map on your home. Once you select one area to work with, you can place the aquarium there to enhance the energy. Some suggestions for feng shui bagua areas to consider:

  • Wealth area (Xun) if you want to work with wealth and prosperity.
  • Career area (Kan) can be activated with a feng shui aquarium to create more energy and activity in your professional life.
  • Family area (Zhen) would be helpful to create movement with starting new things and to have more smoothness in your family harmony.

A feng shui aquarium can also be placed in rooms with certain functions, such as:

  • Entry areas to welcome in more wealth and qi into your home
  • Office areas to invite in abundance and prosperity

Avoid placing an aquarium for a feng shui purpose in the bedroom.

goldfish in a tank with some plants and large rocks

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Aquarium Tips

Types of Fish

For an indoor feng shui aquarium, we typically recommend goldfish, which are a type of carp. They are especially auspicious because of their gold color, which calls in wealth and good luck. But in general, if you’re drawn to another type of fish, they can be good feng shui as well. Be sure to do your research to find a fish that you can care for appropriately.

How Many Fish?

The most important thing is that you have the appropriate sized tank for the quantity of fish, the space you have available, and the time you have for upkeep. It’s not good feng shui to have ill fish in a dirty tank that takes up too much space.

  • Two can represent yin and yang. A pair of fish is one of the eight Buddhist symbols
  • Three represents new beginnings and family harmony
  • Five invites balance, as it is a nod to the five element system
  • Nine, or multiples of nine (if you have a huge tank), is the number of completion and is the luckiest number in feng shui

Balance the Five Elements

If you want to boost the feng shui of your space even more, you can work with your aquarium to balance the five elements. For example:

  • Earth element with the gravel and rocks
  • Metal element can be brought in with metallic decorations
  • Water element is the fresh clean water in the aquarium
  • Wood element with aquatic plants (fake plants are okay, too)
  • Fire element can be found in the fiery colors of the goldfish, any lighting, and also the energy of the fish

An aquarium is an excellent way to invite the energy of fish to the interior space of a home since not everyone has the ability to get an outdoor pond. A well-kept aquarium can bring in the qualities of both fish and the water element to invite abundance, luck, and a smooth flow of qi. Be sure that you understand the amount of maintenance your aquarium will require. If you are not sure you can take care of an aquarium (they do take a lot of upkeep), you can also work with fish motifs with the same intention in your artwork around the home.

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