Where Is It OK to Place a Garbage Can in Feng Shui?

Dustbin near door
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The best feng shui placement of the trash can depends on your needs. If you have to have it in your kitchen or bathroom, do not relocate it to an out-of-way storage area. Even if your kitchen or your bathroom is located in the love and marriage feng shui bagua area, you still may need a garbage can there.

Good feng shui is always in line with common sense because it is also about making your living space work for you on a practical level.

Negative Energy

In most cases, there are no better or worse feng shui bagua areas to place a garbage can because, in itself, a garbage can will easily create challenging, low energy vibes. No bagua area benefits from low feng shui energy (si chi).

So, you place it where you have to have it, whether it is in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the garage, but pay a little extra attention to it and do your best to keep its energy clean.

You also have to be sure to take good care of the overall feng shui of the area where your trash can is located. You do this not only because you deserve to live in a house with good feng shui, but because you need strong positive feng shui energy to counteract the potentially low energy of a garbage can.

Three Ways to Treat Trash

Since most homes and businesses need a trash can in certain rooms, there are three ways you can make the trash can work in those rooms. If you follow these three suggestions, you will not have to worry about bad feng shui placement of a garbage can.

  • Keep it hidden: The main mistake people make with garbage cans in their homes and businesses is that it is in plain view. It is best if it is not one of the first things a person sees upon entering the room.
  • Get a lid: Always choose a garbage can with a lid, this will help keep the negative energy from spreading throughout your home.
  • Empty it frequently: A good way to limit the spread of bad energy (and bad odors) is to empty your garbage can every day. Bad energy spreads very easily when unchecked.

Bad Placement Scenarios

An example of one of the worst placements of a garbage can in a medium-size professional office of five to seven people was right across from the main entrance under all the diplomas and certifications. This was bad feng shui for many reasons, but the most obvious one being that the trash can was a focal point of the business.

At home, the most common bad feng shui placement of a trash can, even if it is almost empty and rarely used, is an open trash can in plain view. If you have a trash can placed in an area where you see it as soon as you come into the space, you can be sure that this is bad feng shui, no matter the bagua area it is in.

Bring in Positive Energy

If you are concerned about energy flow in a room in your home or office, you should focus on creating good feng shui in all bagua areas, including all the obvious rooms such as the bedroom or the living room and the less obvious spaces, such as the laundry room or the basement. Attempting to create this good energy throughout will bring you good feng shui for a long time and will outshine any bad energy flow.