The Best Colors for a Bathroom in Feng Shui

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Feng shui is a practice from ancient China that looks at how we connect to nature, the elements, and the spaces around us. The words “feng shui” translate directly to “wind” and “water,” two natural elements that we as humans (as well as other species) need to thrive. You can think of wind as our breath, and the water that makes up the majority of our bodies. 

Bathrooms and Feng Shui

When feng shui was developed in ancient China, bathrooms were not the most hygienic or pleasant areas. It was important to keep human waste away from the rest of the home, to avoid causing illnesses for the people living there. 

Modern bathrooms, however, are not only areas to let go of waste. While they do still hold this metaphor and function, most bathrooms today are also places of purification and cleansing. Often, modern bathrooms represent rest and rejuvenation as well. Your bathroom might even be where you take part in some of your favorite self-care rituals, like relaxing baths or getting yourself ready for the day. 

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Feng Shui Colors for Bathrooms

In general, there are not necessarily good or bad feng shui colors for a bathroom. Color choices are a very personal thing, because every person’s circumstances are different. If you work one-on-one with a feng shui practitioner, they would likely look at the location of your bathroom in relation to the feng shui bagua map, as well as the types of energy you would personally like to invite into your life. It’s also important to consider which colors you like and your associations with certain colors.

Here are a few colors you might want to try in your bathroom. Notice if the symbolism of any of these colors resonates with you, and if you are particularly attracted to any of them. 


If we were going to make a general recommendation for the best bathroom color, it would be white. While it may not be the best color for everyone, it is a good fit in many instances. White represents clarity and purity, and one of the purposes of a modern bathroom is to purify the body. In a mundane way, white can invite cleanliness and purity because it invites us to keep things pristine. We can also look at white as a color that can provide a clean, neutral palette that allows us to sharpen and connect to our senses. 


Another way to look at feng shui and color is to work with feng shui's five elements color theory. For instance, the color blue is connected to wood, one of the five elements we look at in feng shui. Another one of the five elements is water. Bathrooms are naturally connected to the water element, since there is plumbing going in and out of this part of the home. One aspect of the five elements that we work with is the creative, supportive relationships between specific elements. Water, for example, feeds and supports the wood element. If you want to transmute any problematic energy connected to the bathroom in terms of draining water, adding the wood element can beautifully transform it into more uplifting qi. If you like the color blue, it would be a great color to use in a room that has a lot of water element, like a bathroom. Blue can also promote more rest and rejuvenation, so adding blue to your bathroom can support those energies.

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The wood element is also related to green, which is found in living plants and trees. Similar to blue, adding green to your bathroom can bring in more wood element that will be fed by the water element present in your bathroom. Green also promotes healing and support. Depending on the tone of green, you can bring in additional qualities. Muted greens are more relaxing and healing, while brighter greens are more active. Deep, forest greens are calm and serene. Pay attention to which hues of greens you are attracted to and listen to that. 

Overall, we would encourage you to choose a color for your bathroom that you enjoy. No matter what color you pick, it will be good feng shui for you if you love it.