7 Feng Shui Bedroom Must Haves

Create a Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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Having good feng shui in your bedroom brings great benefits - both obvious and not-so obvious ones. The obvious benefit of a good feng shui bedroom is a relaxing and sensual look and feel; this contributes to better health and more fulfilling relationships. The not-so obvious ones include a more positive outlook on life, more joy, as well as a precious feeling of being loved and cared for.

Since we spend 1/3 of our lives in the bedroom, making it as good as you possibly can will greatly improve many areas of your life.

We have many tips and articles on good, as well as bad feng shui in the bedroom. We even have a photo gallery of celebrity bedrooms with really bad feng shui so that you can easily learn what not to do.

Here I would like to share with you the 7 feng shui must haves for your bedroom. Let's start!

Good Feng Shui Bed

The first must-have for good feng shui in your bedroom is a good feng shui bed. It is very important to not only have a good feng shui bed but to also place it in the best possible feng shui position for your specific bedroom.

Support for Your Bed

A bed without proper energetic support creates weak energy, feng shui-wise, that can negatively affect your own well-being.

A bed with an unbalanced energetic support tends to attract the energy of unbalanced relationships into your life, so do your best to create balanced, supporitve energy for your bed.

You can do that by having good nightstands on both sides of the bed - and they certainly do not have to be identical. A good quality rug, as well as a footboard or an appropriate piece of furniture at the end of your bed will all create a more grounding, protective energy for your bed.

Harmonious Colors

Color is an expression of light, so obviously we are all attracted to color! In feng shui, color is also an expression of one of the 5 feng shui elements, thus very important for creating good feng shui in any space.

For the bedroom, the best feng shui colors are considered the so-called skin colors, which means there is a wide spectrum you can choose from.

Bedroom Art

Do you love the art in your bedroom? Is the energy of your bedroom art sensual, joyful and uplifting? Having art with good energy in your bedroom is super important because it sets the tone for your bedroom. It also programs your mood in subtle ways. What you first see when you wake up, as well last before you go to sleep has an undeniable (even if not obvious) influence on your well-being.

Best Lighting and Candles

Light is a very important nutrient for the human body, so by being aware of the quality of light in your bedroom, you are doing your body a big favor! Candles are the best source of light for the bedroom because along with creating a very nourishing, sensual environment, they also purify the air (if you use natural candles, of course!)

Himalayan salt lamps bring a great energy, too - warm and glowing - and they also do a good job with purifying the air.

If you do have to have electrical lights near your bed, educate yourself on dangerous EMF levels for one's health.

Power of Scent

The power of scent is undeniable in creating a very special mood in any space, as well as in evoking a tangible shift in your own perception of things.

Gift yourself with an essential oils aromatherapy diffuser and experience the power of scent for yourself! Choose scents you most like and let them permeate and refresh the energy in your bedroom. From soothing lavender to the sensual ylang-ylang, there are so many beautiful options to choose from!

Power of Touch

We all know the power of touch - be it a lover's touch, a warm hug from a friend or the touch of a gifted healer. Touch is powerful and our bodies thrive on genuine, warm connections and experiences. Our skin is our largest organ, so of course, it needs to be properly taken care of and fed, energetically speaking!

Gift yourself with beautiful fabrics that are pleasurable and comfortable to your touch, as well as your whole body. From natural luxurious bedsheets to a warm and cozy bedroom rug, do your best to nourish your sense of touch in the bedroom.


I hope you can make time to implement these feng shui must-haves in your bedroom. They are simple and easy, and the difference will be quite dramatic! Of course, this depends on the current state of your bedroom and how much love you put in it, but know that there is always room for improvement.

As much genuine love and care as you put into your bedroom space, as much love you will receive back. And who could not benefit from more love in their lives?

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