Feng Shui Color A-Z

Knowing  how to use color to create good feng shui is an awesome (and easy!) way to improve the energy in any space, be it home or office. From a feature wall painted red to brown pillows, gray color rugs or a yellow color front door - explore the feng shui magic of color.

Find out how to choose best colours for any room in the house - from bedroom to baby's room, as well as which colors to wear this year and even the best feng shui use of color in business.

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    Black Colour

    black color feng shui
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     Black is a powerful color and should be used wisely. It is actually a color that any space will benefit from, so instead of avoiding it, learn how to invite its magic to create good energy.

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    Blue Colour

    feng shui color blue tips
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    Serenity, wisdom, healing and trust - all these energies and more are fully expressed by the healing presence of colour blue. An expression of the water feng shui element, blue color is much welcomed for good feng shui in several areas of one's home or office.

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    Brown Colour

    feng shui brown color tips
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    Brown is the only colour in feng shui that can express two feng shui elements - wood or earth - so it is good to understand the difference and know how to apply it to create good energy in your home.

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    Gray Colour

    feng shui color gray tips
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    Gray colour can be beautiful, calming and even mesmerizing - if you know how to use it! In feng shui, gray is the expression of the metal element and can greatly enhance several areas of your space. 

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    Green Colour

    green color
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    Green colour is one of the most healing colors for the human spirit; it is the colour of lush vibrant nature, as well as the colour of heart chakra energy.  Feng shui-wise, this colour can be freely used in your home with just a few exceptions.

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    Orange Colour

    feng shui orange color
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    The happy and full of life and joy orange colour is easier to decorate with, feng shui wise, than with red, but is still a color you need to know and  understand how to best use in your home. 

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    Pink Colour

    feng shui pink color tips
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    The most soothing of all colours, pink is the colour of romance, gentle love, true feelings and compassion. It opens one heart like the most exquisite fragrance of a precious rose, and it keeps healing and opening it. 

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    Purple Colour

    feng shui purple color use
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    Purple is a very intense colour and, according to feng shui masters, should be used with caution in one's home. It is a very high vibration color, a color of royalty and higher spiritual realms.

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    Red Colour

    red color feng shui decorating fire element
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    Red color is pure passion, fiery sexuality, joy of life and possible danger, too. It can create auspicious energy in some areas of your home, while weakening the good feng shui in other parts. It's all about knowing where to invite and nourish the fiery energy and where to diminish it.

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    Yellow Colour

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    Every home needs a bit (or a lot!) of the cheerful, happy energy of colour yellow. The energy of summer sun and a healthy solar plexus chakra, we all thrive with a good amount of this colour in our lives.

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    White Colour

    feng shui white color tips
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     White is a color of purity, freshness and clarity. A color of new beginnings, as well as clear endings. feng shui-wise, color white is the expression of the metal feng shui element.

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    12 Feng Shui Color Tips To Create A Beautiful Home

    green colour
    Interior design by Kay Douglas via Veranda

    From vibrant red to soothing aqua blue and fresh white - which color is best feng shui for your living room or for the home office? How about your kitchen feng shui? Would green color create good feng shui in the bedroom? And if not, then why? 

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    Pick Your Perfect Front Door Color

    feng shui red color front door south
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    Front doors are very important in feng shui, because it is through the front door - also called the mouth of Chi - that the house receives its feng shui nourishment of energy. In classical feng shui, the choice of most auspicious colour is based on the direction of the front door and its corresponding feng shui element.   

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    15 Kitchen Feng Shui Colors We Love

    gray color kitchen

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    Here are 15 kitchen colors we absolutely love and adore! Some of these choices might be unusual for you or your kitchen, but why not give it a try? 

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    How To Use Color for Good Feng Shui

    feng shui color tips
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    Color is alive and its good feng shui presence in your home or office is dependant on many factors, two of the main ones being the quality of light in your home and the surrounding colors in your home decorating. The feng shui color tips here will help you define your main color scheme in order to create good energy.

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    Colour As Expression of 5 Feng Shui Elements

    5 feng shui elements
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    One of the basic principles of feng shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each feng shui element is represented by a specific color, and color is the easiest way to use the five elements principle to bring more harmony into your home with feng shui.

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    Are Red and Pink Colours Good Feng Shui in the Bedroom?

    red pink colors bedroom

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    Feng shui of color, along with feng shui in the bedroom are the most popular, as well as the most misunderstood feng shui application. Generally, choosing the right colors with feng shui takes a bit of time and calculation. 

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    Best Feng Shui Color Choices for A Baby's Room

    baby room feng shui colors
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    The main feng shui way to determine the best feng shui color for your baby's room is according to your baby's feng shui birth element. Next, in order to choose the best feng shui color for your baby's room, you will have to look into the basics of the five feng shui elements and understand how these elements are represented in specific colors.

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    Choosing Best Flooring Colours for Good Feng Shui

    kitchen floors
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     In feng shui, the energies of both colours and shapes are used as very powerful tools, so when you know how to work with colours and shapes you can easily create the needed shift in your space.

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    Feng Shui Use of Color in Business Logo Design

    color crayons

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    As each business also belongs to a specific feng shui element, it is highly advisable to choose harmonious feng shui colors for the business logo design. Best colors are the colors that strengthen the feng shui element of the business because they express either the same, or a complimentary to the business feng shui element.