The Best Colors in Feng Shui for a North-Facing Front Door

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In feng shui, one of the most important areas that we look at is the front door. This is the main way that qi, or energy, enters your space, which is why it’s also known as the mouth of qi. Because of this, it’s a good idea to show this part of your home some extra love and attention. A strong front door can help welcome positive energy and opportunities for the people living in the home. 

There are many different schools of feng shui, all with varied approaches. Each school is valid and has valuable insight to offer, so we recommend choosing the one that resonates with you most. Some schools of feng shui, like the Classical, Compass, and Flying Star schools, look at the magnetic compass directions of various aspects of your home, including the front door. If you are working with a school of feng shui that uses the magnetic compass directions, one way to strengthen your front door is to find out which direction it is facing and paint it a color that supports that direction.

How to Find Your Front Door Facing Direction

To find your front door facing direction, grab a compass and stand in the entrance to your home facing out. Your compass can be one that is specifically meant for feng shui, or simply an app on your smartphone. Use the compass to find out which way you are facing when you’re standing in this position; this is your front door facing direction.

In feng shui, the north direction is related to the water element, which represents wisdom, introspection, and fluidity. It’s also connected to the Kan area of the feng shui bagua, representing your career and path in life. If you work with a feng shui consultant, they will likely look to this area if you want to strengthen and support your career, or gain clarity around your path in life.

Paint Colors for North-Facing Front Doors

Each of the five elements used in feng shui is associated with particular colors. If your front door faces north, you can support it by painting it in a water element color. Alternately, you can choose a metal element color, because metal feeds water in the five element cycle. Metal is connected to joy, precision, beauty, and communication. 

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Water Element Colors

  • Black: Black absorbs energy, so a black front door can help you collect more positive qi for your household. It’s also a very elegant color that looks great with many homes. 
  • Deep charcoal gray: Very dark grays that are almost black also represent the water element. If black isn’t a great fit visually for your home’s exterior, a deep gray might be a good fit. 
  • Deep navy blue: Similarly, very dark blues that are close to black are connected to the water element, too. Keep in mind that lighter blues represent the wood element, rather than water, so choose something dark if you’re wanting to bring in water energy.  

Metal Element Colors

  • White: White is a very yang color, meaning its energy is very active. It also represents purity and simplicity. It can be a beautiful, crisp choice for a front door. 
  • Off-whites: Because a true white can sometimes be a bit too harsh in certain contexts, you may also consider off-white. This is a great way to bring in the metal element with something a little softer. 
  • Metallics: Metallics like gold, silver, bronze, and copper are also connected to the metal element. If a metallic door is appropriate for your home, it can be a beautiful way to bring in metal energy. 
  • Gray: A combination of white and black, gray is a peaceful, soothing color that complements many different colors and decor styles. A gray door can be a beautiful and subtle way to invite in the metal element. 

If You Can't Repaint Your Door

If you live in a rental or are otherwise unable to paint your door, don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways you can incorporate feng shui colors to make the most of your north-facing door. Here are a few ideas, but feel free to use your creativity to find something that works well for your space. 

  • Invite the water element to your front entrance with an elegant black welcome mat. 
  • Navy or black planters on your front step can be a chic way to bring in the water element. 
  • Add flowering plants with white blooms to your front step to welcome the metal element. 
  • Add metallic house numbers to your front door. This is doubly beneficial because it’s recommended in feng shui to have easily visible house numbers, so that opportunities can find you!

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