The Best Feng Shui Colors for an East-Facing Front Door

a house exterior with a green front door

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In feng shui, the front door of a building is the main way it absorbs its universal energy nourishment, or chi. A home (or office) with good and nourishing chi can do wonders for your health and well-being, as well as many other areas of your life, including your career, relationships, and more. So it makes sense to work on attracting the best possible chi to your space, and that starts with designing your front door according to the feng shui element of its direction.

East-Facing Front Doors

An east-facing front door has a compass reading from 67.5 to 112.5 degrees. These doors greatly benefit from design details that express the feng shui element of wood, as it is the governing element of the east feng shui direction.

All of the feng shui elements (wood, water, earth, fire, and metal) have corresponding colors, which help to promote their energy. Wood's colors are green and brown. So if you have an east-facing front door, you can bring excellent feng shui energy to it by painting the door in any shade of green or brown (or both if you wish). You also may choose a more natural stained wood grain appearance.

Other Feng Shui Color Options

If you don't like green or brown for your front door, feng shui always provides multiple options when it comes to decor decisions. And for an east-facing front door, there are the corresponding colors of two other feng shui elements to choose from.

These additional choices are based on the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements. According to the cycle, water nurtures wood, wood nurtures fire, fire nurtures earth, earth nurtures metal, and metal nurtures water.

Because water is the element that directly nourishes wood, you can use its colors to bring good energy to your east-facing door. The water element colors are blue and black.

Moreover, the earth element supports wood, so its colors—light yellow, beige, and sandy browns—also are appropriate for an east-facing front door.

Front Door Colors to Avoid

The counter to the productive cycle of feng shui elements is the destructive cycle: Water weakens fire, fire weakens metal, metal weakens wood, wood weakens earth, and earth weakens water.

Thus, for an east-facing front door, it's key to avoid the colors of metal: white and gray. In addition, fire destroys wood, so it's a good idea to stay away from fire colors: red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple.

One final factor to consider is how any color looks on your front door as the natural light changes throughout the day. For instance, a color you thought was blue might end up appearing as a vivid purple when the sunlight hits the door, or a green door might look completely gray on a rainy day. So before you settle on a color, paint test swatches on your front door, and check to see how you like the color as the light changes.

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