Find out the significance and meanings of popular crystals and gemstones—plus how to style them, and use them in feng shui—with our expert-written guides.

Pachu stone (Emerald Gemstone)
Meaning and Uses of the Emerald in Feng Shui
Loose Ruby Stone
Meaning and Uses of the Ruby in Feng Shui
Close-up of a sparkly clear faceted gem
Meaning and Uses of the Diamond in Feng Shui
clear quartz crystals and jewelry
Top 10 Feng Shui Crystals
hematite crystals
Learn How to Use Hematite for Good Feng Shui Energy in Your Home
jade crystal duo
How You Can Use Jade in Feng Shui
tiger's eye crystal
How to Use Tiger's Eye for Feng Shui
amethyst crystals
Learn How to Use Amethyst Crystals for Good Feng Shui in your Home
different colors of tourmaline crystals
How You Should Be Using Tourmaline in Feng Shui
clear quartz
How to Use Clear Quartz Crystals for Good Feng Shui in Your Home
pyrite, also known as fool's gold
How to Use Pyrite (Fool's Gold) in Feng Shui
rose quartz in a wooden dish
Rose Quartz Is a Heart-Healing Crystal
closeup of turquoise
Meaning and Uses of Turquoise in Feng Shui
Calming zen interiors table setting with buddha statue holding burning candle
How to Use Gem Trees (aka Crystal Trees) in Feng Shui
range of calcite crystals
How to Use Calcite in Feng Shui
closeup of lapis lazuli
How to Use Lapis Lazuli in Feng Shui
black obsidian
How to Use Black Obsidian for Feng Shui
closeup of amber
What Are the Meanings and Properties of Amber?
onyx crystal
Learn How to Use Black Onyx for Good Feng Shui
topaz crystal
The Use and Meaning of Topaz in Feng Shui
trio of bloodstone
How Bloodstone Can Bring Positive Energy and Courage to Your Home
peridot crystals
How to Use Peridot in Feng Shui
garnet crystal with plants
How to Use Garnet for Good Feng Shui
Opalescent moonstone gem on a gray background
The Meaning of Moonstone and How to Use It with Feng Shui
aquamarine crystal
How to Use Aquamarine for Good Feng Shui
crystals on a marble table
How to Use Crystals in Feng Shui for Better Energy Flows
kyanite crystals
Meaning and Uses of Kyanite in Feng Shui
Zodiac birthstone
Birthstones by Month, Day, and Zodiac Sign
Assorted gemstones on a green background
The Best Gemstones for Good Feng Shui
citrine crystal
Learn How to Use Citrine Crystals for Good Feng Shui in your Home
Sapphire gemstone
The Meaning and Power of the Blue Sapphire Stone