Feng Shui Cures for Inner Slanted Doors

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Part 1:  Are Slanted Doors Bad Feng Shui?

Part 2: The Feng Shui of A Slanted Door

Part 3: Feng Shui of Slanted FRONT Doors

What makes an auspicious slanted front door for home is somewhat similar, but it is important to note that slanted front doors are generally not desirable for a good feng shui house.

While the nature of a business is to attract more customers/more business/more energy, thus a well-done angled front door can work very well for a business; the nature of  a private residence is to create a harmonious, peaceful energy to rest from all the busy-ness, so a slanted front door more often than not will create the opposite energy to the one that is actually needed in a house.

One thing that is different for a house with a slanted front door is that, in addition to the 5 points that have to be present for a good feng shui slanted front door (read them here); the house has to have a very strong backing in order to manage and hold all the incoming energy.

If you have a slanted front door in your home, focus on really good landscaping, both in front of the house, as well as for sure in creating a strong backing/protective energy. What you want to do with a slanted front door in a private residence is smooth its energy, slow it down and balance it.

All right, we are almost done! But not before we look at the inner slanted doors, in both businesses and homes, and see what remedies they need (when and if they do). 

Generally, a slanted/angled inner door (in both business and home) is rarely considered good feng shui, unless you are looking at a unique space designed by a master architect who understands the flow of energy.

This will usually mean there are at least 3-5 angled doors with ample flow of energy between them.

Most of the angled inner doors I've seen were definitely bad feng shui. Why? Because a slanted inner door creates a dramatic quality of energy (for the lack of a better word) and usually argues with the items in its surrounding for more space.

More often than not, this creates the energy of conflict in the family; I have seen this many times with floor plans that have slanted inner doors.

So, without me going on and on about the bad feng shui of the inner slanted door, what can you do if you have one (or two) in your home?

Here are some helpful feng shui cures, see what is possible in your home. All these cures are just suggestions, because each door will be different depending on what surrounds it; feel free to experiment until you find the one that works for you.

The main goal of these cures is to balance/calm the energy of a slanted door, thus calming the energy in the house (as well as the bagua area of your home where the door is located).

1. Create a strong focal point on the wall right next to your slanted door (ideally the wall that is closest to the opening of the door). This can be anything from a strong wall color to vibrant photos to a tall plant (if space allows). The goal is to draw the energy to your newly created focal point, rather that activate the energy of the slanted door.

2. If your slanted door is right next to another door (be it slanted to not) separate the two with a peaceful, but strong feng shui cure.

This can be anything from a hanging crystal to a chime or any other object that fits in the space between the two doors and brings a sense of peace/slows down the energy, as well as creates more definition between the two doors.

3. Avoid placing any important pieces of furniture (i.e your bed, or your office desk) too close to a slanted door. Also avoid activating these doors.

4. With any feng shui cures you choose, be sure to find out the bagua area where your slanted door is located and do your best to bring the best feng shui energy according to the needed feng shui element. For example, if you have a slanted door in your Money area, work with the elements that strengthen the Wood element of the Southeast.

To conclude, if you have slanted inner doors in your home or business,  start by accepting that they might bring challenging energy and see how you can calm this energy with proper feng shui cures.

Of course, it is always best to choose feng shui cures that are disguised as beautiful (and appropriate) decor items, be they plants, colorful art pieces or happy photos.

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