Best Feng Shui Decor for Your Money Area Bathroom

Easy decorating tips for your bathroom in the feng shui money area

feng shui money area decor tips
The Wood element can be expressed in a variety of ways - from green colour tiles to wood surfaces and live plants. The square shape of tiles expresses the Earth element, which is also good for a bathroom in the feng shui money area. Ludger Paffrath/Getty Images

You might have heard that the best way to decorate a bathroom in the wealth & money area is with items and colours of the Metal element. This is not correct, and part 1 of this article gives you a detailed explanation as to why you should avoid a strong Metal feng shui element in a money area bathroom.

The best element for a money area bathroom is Wood, followed by Earth, so you can bring both elements into your decorating efforts with a stronger focus on Wood.

The vibrant and lush Wood element is the ultimate symbol of abundance, and the Earth element supports the Wood in its growth. Water is also supportive of Wood, but because there is already too much water energy in the bathroom it is best not to bring more.

Wood Element Decor: Colours green and brown are both expressions of Wood element, as well as rectangular shapes and all possible images of greenery - be it wild woods, manicured parks or beautiful house plants. You can also bring an actual plant into your money area bathroom - just be sure that it will thrive in your bathroom lighting conditions. The feng shui lucky bamboo can be a very good choice.

Earth Element Decor: Earth element is expressed in all earthy/sandy colours, plus square shapes as well as, or course, images of natural landscapes. Earth is warm, nurturing and stable, so you can also focus on your own understanding of this energy and express it in your bathroom decor.

If you want to have a deeper understanding as to how to express these feng shui elements in your home decorating, these tips will help:

In conclusion, be sure not to "over-do" your money area bathroom decor. The main thing is to always keep it clean and orderly and with fresh, clear energy (this is already a lot of work if you are sincere about it!). "Out of sight, out of mind" does not work in feng shui, so orderly means completely orderly, no matter you see it or not.

Let me assure you that a clean, relaxing, spa-like and beautiful bathroom will not present any feng shui challenge, no matter which bagua area the bathroom is located - be it money, love, or any other bagua area.

Just do your best with your money area bathroom decor by following the simple guidelines above and then stop worrying about it - this is the best feng shui for your bathroom!