Feng Shui Decorating Guide to Best Shapes and Materials

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    Your Quick Guide to Best Decorating Shapes and Materials

    Dining Room

    Should you go for a metal table or a wooden one? How about the tiles in your bathroom or your kitchen - would pebble shapes work better than squares? Is a round table better for your dining room than a rectangular one?

    Feng shui can help you answer all these questions (and create good energy along the way!) because, in the world of feng shui, shapes and materials are all expressions of specific energy/specific feng shui elements.

    There are some areas of your house that will thrive - energetically speaking - with wood furniture and decor items, and then there are other areas that will not benefit from it. This applies to all shapes, materials, and colors as they are all expressions of the 5 feng shui elements. 

    The best decisions are made when you know the feng shui energy map of your home, called the bagua. However, if you want a shortcut, this quick feng shui guide to the use of best shapes and materials will definitely help you. 

    We will go by specific directions, or the location of each room you are decorating, as in feng shui directions are very important. Let's start.

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    East Room Shapes and Materials

    Stone floor


    The decorating shapes you can freely use in an East facing room are square, rectangular, wavy shapes and natural organic shapes such as pebble shape, for example. These shapes stand for specific elements that are good for the main feng shui element of the East area (Wood). Avoid a strong presence of round or triangular shapes.


    Wood furniture and decor elements are the absolute best choice for the East area. Mirrored surfaces, tiles and brick surfaces, as well as all natural fiber rugs, can also help create good feng shui energy. Avoid a strong presence of decorating items made from metal.

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    Shapes and Materials for a Southeast Room

    Amanda Nisbet for styleathome.com


     Rectangular, square and wavy/flowing shapes are all good for a Southeast area room. As in the case with the East area, avoid too many round or triangular/fiery shapes.


    Wood, natural crystals, earthenware, mirror-like surfaces, natural materials and rugs such as jute, sisal, etc.

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    South Room Shapes and Materials with Good Feng Shui

    Aztec Rug


    Triangles, stars, pyramids, diamonds are shapes associated with the fire feng shui element. Avoid wavy/water like shapes and too many mirror-like surfaces. Also best to limit a strong presence of square shapes (as in a big square coffee table, for example).


    Wood furniture, all natural fibers such as jute, sisal, linen, fireplace, and candles.

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    Good Shapes and Materials for A Southwest Room



    Sensual, receptive/yin energy shapes (as pictured above), as well as squares, triangles, diamonds, pyramids, stars (fire feng shui element shapes).


     All earthenware, rock crystals, as well as candles and/or a fireplace. Avoid too many mirror-like surfaces or a strong presence of wood furniture pieces and decor items.

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    West Room Decorating Shapes and Materials


    Round and square. Avoid too many fiery shapes (triangles, pyramids, stars, diamonds).


    Metal, glass and all earthenware and rock crystals.

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    Feng Shui Shapes and Materials for a Northwest Room



    Round, oval and square. Avoid a strong presence of triangles, diamonds, stars, and pyramids in your decor pieces.


    Metal, glass and all earthenware (clay, pottery, ceramics, etc.), as well as natural crystals.

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    North Room Best Feng Shui Shapes and Materials


    Shapes: Round, oval and wavy/resembling water movement. Avoid squares.

    Materials: Metal, glass and mirror like surfaces. Avoid a strong presence of wood furniture pieces and decor items.

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    Best Shapes and Materials for Decorating a Northeast Room

    Shapes: Triangles, pyramids, diamonds, stars and squares. Avoid too many round shapes or mirror like surfaces.

    Materials: All earthenware (clay, pottery, ceramics), rock crystals, candles.

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    Feng Shui Decorating with Shapes and Materials: Conclusion

    There you have it, a quick feng shui guide to best shapes and materials for your good feng shui home decorating. Please be sure not to overthink your decisions; read all about the feng shui guidelines and then follow your own energy as to what is best for your space. Feng shui is a complex art and science that works on many levels, and often your intuition (coupled with the right knowledge) can be your best guide!

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