Different Feng Shui Kua Numbers for a Couple

A couple looking at each other on a bed
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In feng shui, a Kua number gives a person their lucky feng shui directions, which are used to arrange a home to maximize good feng shui. Each person is either an East or a West group person based on their birthdate. Once you know your Kua number by consulting a Feng Shui Kua Number Chart or by figuring it out yourself, it is easy to distinguish whether you are an East or West group person.

  • East Group: Kua Number 1, 3, 4 and 9
  • West Group: Kua Number 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Contending With Different Kua Numbers

For example, a person with a Kua number of 1, which is an East feng shui group person, has the best facing directions of Southeast, East, South, and North (for money and success, better health, love and marriage, and spiritual growth, respectively). It is possible that this person's wife, husband or partner has a Kua number of 6, which is a West Group number. The number 6 has lucky feng shui directions of West, Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest. Despite some people's concerns about the contradiction, it is possible for an East Group and a West Group member to cohabit peacefully and with abundant energy.

There are many happy homes with couples that have different Kua numbers. The Kua number refers mainly to the best directions regarding attracting and absorbing the highest quality of energy for your type. Members of a couple don't necessarily have to face the same directions while working in the office, or at the dining table or in a favorite spot when watching TV, so adjustments in these areas are easy to make.

Finding Positive Energy for Both Partners

Check and see which direction the front door faces. If it faces in one of the directions for the lucky energy for the husband, then see if the sleeping direction can be chosen to best benefit the wife by positioning the bed so that the crown of her head is toward one of her lucky feng shui directions.

The goal is to focus on reaching a balance so that both members of a couple can draw on the best energy for their types throughout the day.

Other more important basic elements that are often overlooked have a much stronger influence on well-being than just following the Kua number. Don't overlook the importance of:

  • Fresh, clean air
  • Abundant natural light
  • A clutter-free area

Feng shui is all about taking advantage of the positive energy in a house. If you are married to a person, you both need to have positive energy. If not, one person's negativity can influence the other person. You just need to take the time to find the balance that works for you both.