The Best Feng Shui Colors for a Dining Room

Wooden table and chairs with large window front in modern living room in stylish apartment

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If you’re thinking about updating or redesigning your dining room, using feng shui principles in your redesign can help you to create a more inviting and comfortable space. In feng shui, different areas of the home are connected to different parts of your life. Dining rooms are about family, celebration, and enjoyment, as well as abundance. The dining table is where we nourish ourselves and where we gather to share a meal and connect with family and friends. 

There are many different ways to work with feng shui concepts in your dining room. One of the simplest and most impactful ways you can start to do this is by bringing in certain colors with intention. As humans, most of us are very influenced by what we can see in our environments, and color has a strong effect on how we feel and the energy of a space. In feng shui, different colors are connected to different types of energy, elements, and the feng shui bagua map which looks at different areas of your life. 

Using feng shui color theory in your design is one way that you can create a dining room that feels more harmonious and easeful. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to paint a whole wall to bring in the energy of a specific color. You certainly can paint your walls if that makes sense for your space, but you can also get creative and bring in color through furniture, artwork, or other decor items. 

Here are a few of our favorite feng shui-inspired colors for the dining room.


Brown has a warm, earthy energy, and it’s a great color choice if you want to help your guests feel settled. Brown is connected to the earth element, and earth energy is stable and steady. 

How to use brown in your dining room: Choose warm stained wood finishes for your dining table and/or chairs. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to bring in this earthy energy, try brown pottery or planters.   

colorful dining room with mint green walls and wood table

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Greens have a soothing energy that reminds us of a forest or a field in spring time. Green is connected to the wood element, which has a revitalizing, fresh energy. 

How to use green in your dining room: Paint the walls a fresh green that evokes springtime, or add an area rug under the dining table and chairs to create a feeling of standing in verdant grass. You can also add houseplants or vases of fresh greens on your dining table or buffet. 


Blues are calming and soothing. Think of how you feel when you see a clear blue sky, or the blue-green foliage of trees. Mid-tone blues, and especially blue-greens, are also connected to the wood element. The energy of the wood element is related to growth, and it’s also connected to the Family area of the bagua.   

How to use blue in your dining room: Paint the walls a bright, beautiful teal or aqua to make the dining room a joyful place for your family to gather. You can also add accents of this vital energy in smaller ways, such as chair upholstery, seat cushions, or decorative vases. 


Red is a very energizing and powerful color that will make your guests feel warm and invigorated. Reds and burgundies are connected to the fire element, which is inspiring, warm, and activating. Red has been said to stimulate appetite, and is often seen in traditional dining rooms.  

How to use red in your dining room: Depending on your decor style, red walls may not work well with the overall tone of your home. They also may be too much fire energy for you and your family. Instead, try adding small amounts of red, like a red centerpiece or a beautiful red table runner. 

gray and neutral toned dining room with round dining table and chairs

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Whites and grays

Whites and grays aren’t the most ideal colors to use in a dining room from a feng shui perspective. These colors are connected to the energy of metal, which is about focus and completion, rather than lingering over a meal or having long conversations at the dining table. 

How to use white and gray in your dining room: Create balance by mixing white and gray with other colors. Try combining elegant white and gray walls or furniture with accents of one of the more stimulating colors above, like green or red. If you do want to include some white in your dining room, white is a great color for your dishes as it really allows the different colors of your food to stand out.