Using Feng Shui Elements to Design a Business Logo

Designer and project manager discussing logo and firm style

 DragonImages / Getty Images

The feng shui element category of your business determines the best colors and shapes for your business logo. This interesting application of feng shui is useful whether your logo is primarily seen online or in print or it is displayed on your shop storefront on the busiest street in town. Your customers will see your logo whenever you communicate with them, therefore the colors, shapes, and images of your business visuals are best chosen with care.

Types of Business and Feng Shui Elements

The first step is to determine the element associated with your category of business. This will drive further selection of colors, shapes, and images. The table below gives you a basic understanding of how businesses are categorized by feng shui element according to their main energy.

Feng Shui Element

Type of Business

Fire Creative Studios, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail, Sports-related, etc.
Earth Construction, Hospitality, Real Estate Development, Agriculture-related, etc.
Metal Banking/Financial/Accounting, Tech Industry, Government Offices, Architect offices, etc.
Water Cleaning Services, Temp/Recruitment Agencies, Healing Businesses, Beauty Industry, etc.
Wood Education, Day Care, Floral Business, Clothing, Travel Agencies, Publishing Industry, etc.

Defining the Feng Shui Element of a Business

The quality of energy associated with the main activities of a business determines its feng shui element. For example, banking is obviously associated with money, and money is the expression of the metal feng shui element. Meanwhile, a retail store selling aquariums will have a strong water element energy, even though retail is generally in the fire category.

Each business has several active feng shui elements, so you are unlikely to make a big mistake if you choose any one of them. Do your best and see which element choice feels and looks better in terms of colors and shapes. Some elements are complementary, such as in a daycare business (wood), you might also include the colors or shapes of water and earth that nourish wood. You would want to avoid using the colors or shapes associated with fire or metal, which are destructive to wood.

Colors by Element

The choice of color will have more impact than the choices for shapes or words. Some of the feng shui logo design color choices are really easy, but most require a bit of feng shui research. Here are some basics:

  • Fire: Choose red, orange, purple, pink, or strong yellow. Keep in mind that red is a stimulating color and brings a call to action.
  • Earth: Choose light yellow, beige, earthy or sandy colors.
  • Metal: Choose gray or white.
  • Water: Choose blue or black. Blue is a calming color.
  • Wood: Choose brown or green. 

Shapes by Element

Incorporate shapes in your logo, including the overall shape or the shapes of symbols within the logo. These shapes are associated with each element:

  • Fire: Triangular
  • Earth: Square
  • Metal: Round
  • Water: Wavy
  • Wood: Rectangular

These are just a few basics to guide you. As important, show your drafts to others to see how they feel about the logo. If it is right, they will say it has good energy and feels good.