Feng Shui Fertility Tips to Help Get Pregnant

A happy pregnant woman in a bed

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Feng Shui cures for fertility are an interesting topic. Feng shui can be very powerful in removing the energy blockages in any environment, be it home, office or garden. Feng shui can also strengthen your energy as well as balance the energy in your bedroom, so in this respect, yes, there are many things you can do to strengthen the flow of fresh energy in your home. More specifically, there are some traditional feng shui items, or decor elements, that are defined as cures for fertility. To attract the energy of fertility, you can display:

One interesting feng shui cure for fertility is to allow several children to jump to their heart's desire on a childless couple's bed, thus energizing it and inviting the energy of fertility. It might be a good idea to find a feng shui consultant as there might be very weak areas in your house, especially in your main entrance, kitchen, and bedroom, that can be revealed only during a feng shui consultation.
Two more things:

  1. Be mindful of not having a heavy light fixture or a ceiling fan over your bed. We see this configuration in many bedrooms, often with the blades of the ceiling fan "cutting through" the energy of the abdominal area of both partners. This is certainly a configuration to avoid.
  2. Ancient feng shui masters were suggesting not to move the bed of a couple that wants to conceive a baby.

As with everything, there is always a combination of factors that lead to a certain outcome. It is certainly wise to do all that is within your control to improve the energy of your space and attract the fertility chip, and this can include the use of feng shui cures.

Knowing your Kua number and your birth element can also help tailor your feng shui work and make it more effective. See if you can position your bed to face one of your best or lucky feng shui directions.

You can also use various feng shui decor tips to create a space that is nourishing your birth feng shui element, meaning your specific quality of energy. For example, if your birth element is Water, living in a very fiery environment is not supportive for you. Or, if Earth is your element, then a lot of Water element in your home decor might feel a bit overwhelming.

The goal is to create a home that supports you and gives you the necessary support and warmth to achieve all you want to achieve.