Feng Shui Tips to Improve Fertility

Large Monstera palm leave in a glass vase
Chiociolla / Getty Images

Feng shui is used to invite positive energy into nearly every part of a person's life. Your home is divided into eight areas that form the bagua, or feng shui energy map of the space. And each bagua area is connected with a certain aspect of your life, including your health and relationships. When you strengthen the feng shui energy in specific areas, as well as in your home overall, you can bring favorable changes to your life. For instance, if you are trying to conceive, there are some feng shui fertility tips for your space that might be able to help.

Strengthen Your Love and Marriage Bagua Area

One of the first places to look is what's known as the love and marriage bagua area. This is the southwest corner of your space, according to classical feng shui. Or for those who practice BTB/Western feng shui, it’s the upper righthand corner if you were to divide your floor plan into a grid of nine squares (or rectangles), with the bottom row being at your front door. Inviting good feng shui energy into this area can bring love and harmony to relationships. 

One feng shui remedy to strengthen the energy in this area is to display pairs of items, such as two candlesticks, which is symbolic of your relationship. You also can decorate with items that represent the earth element, whose energy is associated with this bagua area. Colors linked to the earth element are light yellows and sandy tones. Choosing those colors for wall paint and decor can strengthen the energy of the earth element, which in turn can bring balanced energy to the space. 

Also Strengthen Your Children and Creativity Bagua Area

What's referred to as your children and creativity bagua area is another spot to employ some feng shui remedies. This is the western part of your space, according to classical feng shui. Or it’s the middle-right area if you’re using the BTB bagua map. Improving the energy of this area can support your creative endeavors, as well as benefit any children (or future children) in your life.

The feng shui element associated with the children and creativity area is metal, and its colors are white and gray. Thus, much of the decor you use in this area ideally should be of those colors and have a metal component. Some other tips to bring quality energy to this area include displaying photos of any children in your life in happy moments or hanging artwork you find to be highly creative. 

Create a Good Feng Shui Bedroom

A good feng shui bedroom is another factor that is said to affect fertility. To feng shui your bed, make sure it is in the command position: facing the door but not directly in line with it. Opt for a solid headboard—either wooden or upholstered—instead of a metal headboard or one with lots of spaces. And keep your bed elevated off the ground with nothing (not even drawers built into a bed frame) stored underneath it to allow energy to freely circulate. Moreover, one interesting traditional feng shui remedy for fertility is to allow children to have fun jumping on a couple's bed to bring good energy to it.

Feng shui principles warn against a bulky light fixture or ceiling fan over your bed. This can create heavy or sharp energy that can have a negative impact on personal energy. Also, remove clutter and electronics from the bedroom, which can be a drain on your energy. Make sure there's space on either side of the bed, and set up two nightstands for balance in the relationship.

Display Certain Symbolic Items

To attract the energy of fertility, there are certain symbols you can display. They include:

  • Elephants: Statues or images of elephants with their trunks down are a popular fertility remedy. A pair of elephants is said to strengthen a relationship.
  • Pomegranates: Pomegranate fruits, with their many seeds, symbolize fertility and good luck.
  • Houseplants: A healthy plant can symbolize growth and new life in your home.
  • Bamboo: A single piece of hollow bamboo placed in the bedroom is said to increase fertility.
  • Dragons and red lanterns: A small dragon statue placed next to the man’s side of the bed or red paper lanterns hung on either side of the bed are both supposed to bring energy to increase fertility.

It’s important to note that unless you find personal meaning in these symbols, it’s not likely they’ll have much effect on your individual energy. The goal with any of these remedies is to create a home to which you connect.