Feng Shui Fire Element Decorating Tips

Interior of modern home with grey couch and red accents

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How do you bring a strong presence of the fire feng shui element when you need it? And why would you need a good fire element in the first place? Well, a good feng shui house needs all 5 elements, but in different proportions in different areas of the house.

If you are familiar with the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map, you know that these specific needs are defined by the feng shui element of the Bagua area. As a rule, the fire element is most welcomed in the feng shui Bagua areas of South, Southwest, Northeast, and Center.

It is always best to express the feng shui elements subtly, with visually pleasing and aesthetically appropriate items that go well with your home or office decor.

Let's look into several easy ways easy to decorate with popular decor items/feng shui products that best express the fire feng shui element energy. 

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    Red Candle Holders and Candles

    red and purple candles with red wall in the blurred background
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    Other than an actual fireplace, the next best thing close to the actual fire energy is candles, of course. You can easily bring a strong fire element presence into your home with many candles skillfully placed where most needed. To amplify the fire element energy of the candles, either choose candles in the fire element colors (red, purple, yellow, or orange) or go for candle holders in these colors.

    Candles are the most obvious expression of the fire feng shui element (after a wood fireplace, of course) and must always be welcomed in any home. They purify and calm the energy, just like a good fire does, so do not neglect the power of these little beauties.

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    Wall Color in Fire Element

    Rear view of girl painting red wall with paint roller
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    In feng shui, color is one of the easiest ways to bring the needed shift in the energy of your home or office. Fire feng shui element is expressed in several colors, so feel free to paint a feature wall in the South in royal purple or a sunset orange. Or, maybe create a trendy red color bathroom in high gloss paint finish?

    See which of the fire feng shui element colors—pink, yellow, orange, red or purple—can look well with your existing decor, as well as strengthen the energy in your home.

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    Red Color Vases or Decor Elements

    LIving room with modern coffee table with flowers in a red vase
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    You can bring a strong presence of feng shui fire element with such popular decor items as tall vases. Choose vases of different height and group them for a more dramatic look, as well as for a crescendo effect of a healthy fire element. 

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    Lighting Fixtures in Fire Colors

    feng shui red lamps decor
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    Good feng shui depends on good quality light. When you are looking for the best lighting fixtures for your home, think about how their design can bring the needed fire feng shui element. These bright red light pendants are a great expression of the fire feng shui element, and very attractive, too!

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    Fire Colors Textiles

    feng shui red pillows

    What can be easier than to bring the needed feng shui element with decor accessories? Be it pillows, throws, area rugs or curtains in fire colors, you can always find a visually pleasing way to create good feng shui on your home. Go for beautiful red, purple, yellow, or orange in natural fabrics, such as silk, velvet, or cotton. 

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    Art With Fiery Colors and Images

    feng shui fire element art

    Buy beautiful art with passionate fire element colors, paint it yourself or take a photo of any ​red-colored object. Next, choose a reasonably priced Ikea frame in a fire element color and you've got a good feng shui cure.

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    Red Furniture

    red furniture and accents throughout open modern loft kitchen
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    Several pieces of red color furniture will sure brighten up your space, bring more energy to it, as well as be a perfect feng shui fire element decorating solution.

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    A Fireplace

    Fireplace and armchairs in living room
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    If you have a fireplace in a fire feng shui element area, such as South, for example, you are lucky. If you do not have a fireplace, create your luck—find this most potent fire element feng shui cure in a variety of forms from chic-looking transparent portable fireplaces to well-designed wall mounted fireplaces.