Feng Shui Tips for Your Aquarium Fish

Goldfish in Bowl
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In Chinese culture, the symbol of fish has two attributed qualities. The first one is the aspect of abundance (because of the ability of fish to quickly reproduce in large quantities). The second one is the fact that the Chinese word for fish (yu) is pronounced the same way as abundance. So, it goes without saying that the image of fish (or the actual aquarium fish) is one of the most popular and potent feng shui cures to attract the energy of wealth. Now, which fish is a better feng shui cure for attracting wealth and prosperity? How about the images with many fish, does the number matter? Here are the 3 most popular feng shui wealth fish.

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    Close-up of an arrowana
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    Arowana is undeniably the most prized fish for feng shui wealth purposes. Also called the dragon fish (because its scales, as well as the overall look, is thought to be similar to Chinese dragon); live arowanas can command quite high prices. Some of the fish behavior can explain its wealth associations, too; arowanas are known to grow very fast, as well as become quite dominant and more powerful while getting older. In feng shui, arowana is used not only as a symbol of wealth but also of power and authority. As compared to other feng shui fish, arowana is usually depicted alone.

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    A group of colorful koi
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    Koi is the next prized fish in the feng shui world. A decorative variety of carp, koi come in several bright colors such as redyellowbluewhite and sometimes black. The typical number for Koi fish in a feng shui aquarium is 9 (8 brightly colored koi and 1 black koi fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck. You can also find feng shui cures with 2 koi fish, this being a feng shui cure to attract love and fidelity. There are also paintings with any number of koi fish in a stream, which is used to represent a fresh flow of abundance. Still, best numbers are considered either 9 or multiples of 9.

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    A close-up of some goldfish
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    Goldfish is sometimes confused with koi because there is some similarity between them. The use of goldfish in a feng shui aquarium is very similar to koi fish. As true koi fish might not do well in small aquariums, the golden fish has become a very popular fish to create a good feng shui aquarium. The golden color of the goldfish brings the desired association with gold, and the gracious movement creates good energy in the area where the aquarium (or the image of the fish) is placed. The feng shui numbers rule for the goldfish is the same as for the koi fish.

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    Feng Shui Aquarium for Wealth

    A close-up of goldfish in an aquarium
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    Even though the feng shui aquarium is a very popular wealth cure, know that you can bring similar energy with various feng shui items such as paintings or feng shui statues depicting fish. Most fish statues are golden (of course!), but sometimes they are also carved of various crystals and stones.