Good Feng Shui for A Couple with Earth-Metal Elements

Learn what decor can keep your relationship strong and balanced

earthy color feng shui decor


Is your birth feng shui element Earth and your partner's element Metal?

Do you want to create a harmonious home where both of you feel happy and nurtured?

But first, how do you know if your birth elements are Earth and Metal?

This feng shui birth elements chart will help.

The Earth and Metal feng shui element combination is usually easy to work with as this is considered a nourishing energy dynamic. So, creating a harmonious feng shui home for a couple with Earth-Metal birth feng shui elements is not hard (with some exceptions).

Increasing the Strength of Earth Energy

The energy of the Earth feng shui element person nourishes and greatly supports the Metal element person (Earth creates Metal in the productive cycle of five elements).

In turn, when the energy of the Metal feng shui element person is balanced and strong, it does not drain energy from the Earth element person, so this provides for an easy relationship to create a happy feng shui home for.

The easiest and the best way to create a harmonious home for a couple with Earth-Metal elements combination is to go for Earth feng shui element decorating in your home.

Why? Because the Earth element nurtures both Metal and Earth, so it is the ideal feng shui energy to decorate your home with.

Avoiding Destructive Elements

Just like there are specific feng shui elements that are good to bring into one's home to make it more harmonious to live in; there are also feng shui elements to avoid in specific feng shui decorating for your family.

In your case, the element to avoid in your home decorating (in strong proportions) is the element of Water. Because in the interaction of the five feng shui elements the Water element weakens both the Earth and the Metal elements, it is best to bring it into your home decor wisely.

It is also wise to avoid a strong presence of the Fire element in your home decor as Fire melts the Metal in the destructive cycle of feng shui elements.

Be sure to have a good understanding of colors, as well as popular decor items as expressions of five feng shui elements; this will help you detect the presence of specific elements in your decor.

I know this might sound a bit complicated right now but trust me it gets easier in time! Just take it step by step and see what difference it makes in your home and your relationship.

If you allow yourself to play and experiment with your home decor until everything feels just right, you will much benefit from the potent ancient art and science of feng shui.