Good Feng Shui for A Couple with Metal-Water Elements

Tips to Create Good Feng Shui for Metal and Water Birth Elements Combination

white and gray colors feng shui home decorating
Create a harmonious home for a Metal and Water feng shui birth elements couple by focusing on Metal element decorating (predominantly gray and white colors). (c)

Is Metal your birth feng shui element? Is your partner's feng shui birth element Water?

The Metal-Water feng shui elements combination is considered nurturing, meaning one element supports and nourishes the other.

Creating a harmonious feng shui home for the so-called nourishing feng shui birth elements - when one's person energy is nourishing the other's energy -  is quite easy (with some exceptions.)

In the productive cycle of 5 feng shui elements the Metal element creates the Water element, so if you have this combination in your relationship know that it is usually easy to work with.

How do you know if your birth feng shui elements are Water and Metal? You can find them in this feng shui birth elements chart.

So, the energy of the Metal feng shui element person nourishes and greatly supports the Water element person. In turn, the energy of the Water feng shui element person is strong and not overpowered by the Metal (quite different from the Wood-Fire elements), so this provides for an easy relationship to create a harmonious feng shui home for.

The best way to create a good feng shui home for a couple with these elements is to focus on Metal element decorating. So, decorate with colors white and gray, metallic surfaces, open spaces, round shapes, etc as this will contribute to harmony and good energy in your home.

The important thing to understand is that you need to strengthen the Metal element, and not the Water. If you create too much of Water element decorating in a home of a Metal-Water element couple, this will tend to drain the energy from the Metal element person.

By constantly nurturing, one can easily weaken or even temporarily lose the vibrancy of its own energy, so the Metal element person in this scenario needs to be supported by appropriate feng shui Metal element decor.

To conclude, you can bring harmony to the Metal-Water feng shui birth elements couple by decorating your home with the Metal feng shui element items.

Be sure you have a good understanding of colors as expressions of specific feng shui elements, as this will help you deal with the elements that need to be avoided in your decor. In this case, do your best to avoid a strong presence of the Fire feng shui element in your home decor.

Why? Because Fire melts/destroys Metal in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements, so it is best to avoid it.

I know this all might sound too complicated, but trust me, it gets easier in time, and even fun! Once you start playing with the 5 feng shui elements in your home decor and feel what a difference this makes for your well-being, you will be totally captivated!

Not only captivated, but also much grateful for this ancient art and science called feng shui. So keep exploring, keep playing and creating a good feng shui home for you and your loved ones.