How to Use Feng Shui to Decorate for the Holidays

Empty Stockings Hung On Fireplace On Christmas Eve
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The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle for many people. And because feng shui can be a powerful tool to create calm and harmonious energy, it can help to ease your stress and allow you to enjoy the beautiful season.

Along with applying feng shui decorating tips to your home, you also can give creative holiday feng shui gifts to your family and friends. But there are several best practices to keep in mind when it comes to feng shui design.

Choosing Holiday Feng Shui Colors

When decorating your home according to feng shui, color plays an important role. And you can use many common colors of the holiday season to your advantage.

During the colder months, feng shui recommends that you bring warmth into your environment with the energy and colors of the feng shui fire element. The colors associated with the fire element are red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow. Thus, the bold reds often associated with the holidays can be a great choice, regardless of whether you bring them in with textiles, ornaments, or other decor pieces. In fact, according to feng shui, the color red is linked to joy, excitement, luck, love, and passion.

In addition, fire itself can be a potent way to enhance the energy of the feng shui fire element in your space. And the holidays are an ideal time to light a warm fire in the fireplace or set out some candles. (For an added boost, use red candle holders.) Strands of glowing lights also can express the fire element.

Finding Balance in Feng Shui

Even though using the fire element can warm up the energy of your home during the chilly holiday season, don't forget about the main feng shui principle of balance.

If the presence of the fire element becomes too strong in your space, which can happen if you decorate with an overwhelming amount of red items, you run the risk of creating an energy that promotes restlessness and even emotional outbursts. On the flip side, the low energy and lack of enthusiasm people often feel after the holidays might be caused by too little of the fire element in their space. They've probably taken down all of their bright red decorations and aren't burning as many fires or candles.

To keep the energy of the strong fire element at an optimal level, you can balance it with the energy of other feng shui elements, especially water and metal. The water element can bring a sense of calm, purity, and freshness to a space. The colors associated with it are blue and black. Similarly, the metal element can bring the qualities of precision and efficiency to a space, helping you live with tranquility and clarity. The metal colors are gray and white.

Cutting all the strong fire colors with a soothing light blue, cool silver, or snowy white can bring balance to your holiday decorations and provide just the right amount of warmth to a joyful, yet peaceful, holiday season.