How Feng Shui Influences Love and Relationships

couple lying in a bed
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And any healthy relationship requires consistent nurturing. While there are many ways to strengthen your relationships, feng shui offers a variety of tips intended to attract the energy of love. Good feng shui energy can boost the quality of your relationships while bad energy might be detrimental.

An Unbalanced Love and Marriage Area

In feng shui, the southwest bagua area of your space is connected to love, relationships, and marriage. It’s recommended to use feng shui cures in this space that reflects your ideal love relationship. The element of the southwest area is earth, so the cures you use should either be of the earth element or of fire, which nourishes earth.

But sometimes the southwest bagua area has an unbalanced flow of energy or poor setup. In feng shui terms, this might mean you have a laundry room, bathroom, closet, or garage in your love and marriage area, which would require a good energy boost.

Feng Shui Remedies

There are several ways to rectify an unbalanced love and marriage area.

  1. Accept that this unfavorable setup shows energy patterns that have been manifesting in your life, which means both you and the space will be undergoing transformations.
  2. Apply feng shui cures to the southwest bagua area that can promote harmonious energy. Strengthen the earth feng shui element, along with the fire element. And avoid decor that represents the water, wood, or metal feng shui elements.
  3. Bring in images and symbols that you connect with love and relationships. Decorate in pairs, such as two complementary candlesticks or lamps.
  4. Clutter clear to promote the flow of more positive energy. Let go of any items that you have no legitimate reason to keep. Besides getting rid of physical objects, space clearing can help to remove emotional "dust and dirt."

Bad Energy in the Bedroom

The feng shui energy of your bedroom is critical when it comes to intimate relationships. Good energy both can help attract a partner, as well as keep an existing relationship vibrant and harmonious.

Bad bedroom feng shui energy can come from a lack of natural light, overflowing closets, improper bed placement, the absence of a solid headboard, and more. Clutter, dirt, and electronic devices in the bedroom also can affect the energy.

Feng Shui Remedies

Follow these simple methods to improve feng shui energy in the bedroom.

  1. Open the curtains or blinds to let in natural light every day. Also, open the windows for fresh air whenever possible.
  2. Place your bed in what's called the commanding position. It should be facing the bedroom door but not directly in line with it. Moreover, keep the bedroom door closed when you're sleeping.
  3. Create breathing room and order in any bedroom closets, so they can comfortably work for two people. Also, don't allow clutter (even storage) under the bed, so energy can flow freely.
  4. Position complementary nightstands on each side of the bed. This helps to create harmony and balance in the space.