Feng Shui Good Energy - The Beneficial Energy of Sheng Chi

Understand good feng shui energy

Asian woman sitting on floor
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Good feng shui energy, called Sheng Chi, is the bright, refreshing, uplifting feng shui energy that is beneficial to your health and well-being. ​Sheng translated from Chinese means Upward Moving Energy.

Positive Chi

Good feng shui energy, or Sheng Chi, takes many forms. It can be expressed in:

  • the energy you experience when you walk by the beach (the high amount of negative ions is beneficial to your health);
  • the energy you experience in a lush forest (Japanese have the expression of "wood bathing"), as well as anywhere where nature is thriving;
  • a harmonious interior environment with a good flow of feng shui energy, clean air, and plenty of natural light.

The beneficial feng shui energy, or Sheng Chi, is the only quality of energy you want to surround yourself in your home or office.

Creating good feng shui energy make take some effort, all depending on the present quality of energy in your space. Some homes or offices have a neutral quality of energy, in which case it is really easy to improve it. And then some spaces have a really low, if not negative energy, which takes much more effort and commitment to clear and improve.

Creating Sheng Chi 

Starting with a good space clearing session is always a good way to start creating Sheng Chi or beneficial energy in your space. You can go for a major space clearing session if you feel your space needs it, or just apply some simple, easy space clearing steps.

After you've done your best to clear the energy in your space, the next step is to define the bagua or the feng shui energy map of your space. This will help create a harmonious quality of energy and actually improve specific areas of your life. The feng shui energy map will help you with best color suggestions, selection of art, and various feng shui cures, be they modern or classical.

Sheng Chi Opposite

Is there an opposite energy to the bright and healthy Sheng Chi? Yes, of course! The opposite of Sheng Chi, or good feng shui energy, are the low feng shui energies - called Sha and Si Chi; be sure these low energies are not present in your home.

Focus on having more beneficial, or Sheng Chi, in your home. Let the fresh air and natural light in regularly, clear the clutter in your home, especially in your bedroom and re-arrange the furniture in your living room.