Feng Shui for Finding Love and Romance

male and female holding hands

Feng shui can certainly help you find love; the important thing to understand, though, is that a feng shui consultant is not walking into your space with a magic wand and a clear timeline for the expected results.

As with everything, you are the one who has to make it happen, and feng shui is a very powerful tool to speed up your love search. A big factor in how quickly you will find love depends on clarifying 2 steps:

How Clear Are You With What You Want?

If you have clarity as to what you want in a life partner, you are more likely to attract that partner into your life. In other words, when you know what you are looking for, you will surely find it much easier because you can see it.

A vague energy attracts vague results; to attract fresh, clear energy into your life and clarify your vision, use feng shui to clear out your closets (inner energy), clutter clear your whole home (outer energy), and regularly check the flow of Chi in your main entry.

How Open and Ready Are You to Accept Love in Your Life?

Sometimes we resist what we want the most. There are many reasons for it, but feng shui-wise, you can easily see the proof of your resistance just by checking the energy flow in your home.

Is your front door blocked? Is your bedroom energy low? Is the bed inaccessible? Is your bathroom telling a sad story and the kitchen overwhelms with a lonely feng shui energy? Pay attention to the language of your environment, as it is a mirror of your own energy; change your environment and you will see inner shifts happening, too.

Acceptance of Oneself

Of course, the main thing is to know and accept yourself, as this will help you understand what works for you. Being honest with yourself and committed to your happiness is a powerful way to attract honest and committed people into your life.
Taking care of yourself and your personal energy is also of paramount importance. If the man or the woman of your dreams were to walk into your home today, what message will your home — and particularly your bedroom — be sending?
Knowing that everything in your home speaks about you/your energy can be powerful and transformational, use this knowledge wisely.

Be Open to Feng Shui

Last, but not least, if you are pragmatic about using feng shui for love, most likely feng shui will not work so well for you. If you are ready to give feng shui a try, do it with an open heart and total commitment. The clients who achieved the most beautiful results believed in feng shui as an energy tool and applied the love tips diligently and with clear intent.