How Do I Feng Shui My Home for Quick Results?

feng shui home quick results
How to feng shui your home for quick results: first, define the scope of your work. Are you applying feng shui to attract a love relationship? To improve your health? Or, maybe it is feng shui for money you are focusing on? Define your goal first. Digital Vision/Getty Images

Question: I am curious about timing in feng shui. Can you explain how to feng shui a home for quick results? How long does is take to see the results in my home after applying feng shui? I really need some results quickly and hope feng shui works fast. Thank you!

Answer: This is a very good feng shui question, thank you for asking! I am sure many people are wondering about the timing of results with any feng shui work, be it home or office. First, it is important to define what exactly do you mean by how to feng shui my home quicklyYour home consists of so many areas, all very important in terms of feng shui energy, so being clear is always the first step in getting quick results.

These feng shui tips on how to feng shui your home will give you 7 basic steps to create good energy in your home. This is the foundation for more specific feng shui work, be it feng shui for health or feng shui for money.

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Our feng shui site has numerous tips to help you out with any feng shui applications - from creating good feng shui in your bedroom to the feng shui of your car. It is important to understand, though, that lasting change can be created only on a solid foundation, this is why I endlessly emphasize the need to have a clutter-free home, a home that is nourished by natural light, fresh air, decor items you love, etc.

Some of my clients achieved very quick results with attracting love, for example, and others took more time. Was it the right feng shui cure in the right feng shui area of the home? Or was it because of a strong intent and clarity in what they want to achieve? It is always a combination of both factors.

So, the simple answer to your question is this: the results of feng shui work will depend on the state of your home, as well as your own state of mind. More often than not, though, this is the same thing, as your home always reflects your state of mind.

When you shift the energy flow in your home, you will always sense a difference. How big of a shift do you need in order to manifest the results you are looking for? You can only find out if you keep doing the feng shui work.

In ancient times, feng shui masters were compared to doctors, and for a good reason. As in the field of medicine, some patients recover very quickly, and others take more time. The secret in achieving quick, lasting results with feng shui is in having:

  • Accurate Feng Shui Knowledge
  • Persistence
  • Clear Intent.