Using Buddha for Feng Shui

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The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui makes plentiful use of Buddha statues and imagery to manage the quality and flow of energy in the home.

In general, the presence of Buddha brings peace and serenity to the home. When you have a busy, hectic lifestyle—which is the expression of yang feng shui energy—it's important to focus on creating a peaceful quality of energy in your home. No influence does this more effectively than the presence of Buddha.

A Buddha statue or image lends calming yin energy to complement and balance the active yang energy of your lifestyle. Balanced yin-yang energy in your home is the key to good health and well-being.

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    Sleeping Buddha: Peace, Calm, Serenity, and Simplicity

    reclining Buddha statue

    A reclined, sleeping buddha lends a soothing feng shui energy for any area of your home. Its relaxing, comforting energy is particularly good for the living room or a hallway close to the bedroom.

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    Laughing Buddha: Celebration, Joy, and Abundant Energy

    Laughing Buddha mini statues

    The popular laughing Buddha is an excellent feng shui cure for the southeast area of your bagua, which is the money area of your home. You can also display the laughing Buddha in your main entrance, where it introduces a sparkly, happy quality of energy to your whole home.

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    Buddha on Lotus Base: Centering, Deeply Spiritual, Calming

    Gold and red Buddha statue
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    This serene Buddha statue in a classic meditation posture can bring feng shui energy for the southern bagua area of your home, given the gold and red colors of the fire element. It can also be a very good feng shui cure for the spiritual growth and cultivation area (northeast).

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    Meditating Buddha

    Buddha statue silver

    A beautiful meditating Buddha statue provides energy for the north (Career) or northwest (helpful people and blessings) feng shui areas of your space. Of course, it can also look stunning on your altar.

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    Carved Wood Buddha Panel: Reassurance and Calm

    buddha panel

    A wood panel Buddha can provide awesome feng shui energy for the east (health and family) and southeast (money and abundance) bagua areas of your home.

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    Sandstone Garden Buddha: Calming Energy Outside

    Buddha statue garden

    This sandstone Buddha sculpture is a beautiful, peaceful feng shui addition to any area of your garden, except for the north feng shui area. It can be stunning close to your front door (if it works with the overall look and energy of your house).

    This posture, known as "calling earth to witness," is said to represent the moment when the Buddha recognized his enlightenment.

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    Happy Buddha (Hotei): Good Luck and Abundance

    hotei buddha

    This happy Buddha is an excellent feng shui cure for your main entry (if it works with your decor), as well as for the east and southeast feng shui areas of your home.

    Hotei is not a representation of the classic Buddha (known as Gautama Buddha or Shakyamuni) but instead a Japanese-Shinto god of good luck. He is said to be a historical figure of a Chan Buddhist monk who lived in the ninth century. Hotei is a symbol of happiness, luck, and prosperity.

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    Buddha Head

    buddha head

    This Buddha head has a centering and somewhat stern energy that can offer a feng shui cure for the northeast bagua area of your home, as well as for your living room or office.

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    Peaceful Zen Buddha Fountain: Calming Water Energy

    Buddha fountain

    A peaceful and serene fountain with a meditating Buddha will provide soothing energy for north or northeast feng shui areas of your home.

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    Buddha Candle Holder

    Buddha statue with candles

    This Buddha statue with candles is a good choice for all fire or earth feng shui element bagua areas of your home. Feel free to place it in the south (fame), center (heart), or northeast (personal growth and spiritual cultivation) areas of your home.

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    Buddha Wall Painting on Canvas

    buddha color canvas

    This energizing and vibrant Buddha wall canvas can bring excellent feng shui energy for your main entry or living room, as well as for the south (fame) area of your home.

    This depiction is of the Buddha in a classic meditation posture, rich in calming, serene energy.