Feng Shui House Decor Colors: Yellow and Gold

Yellow, retro armchair and a green sofa by a big, sunny window in a stylish, white real living room interior with a poster on the wall
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Golds and yellows are the darlings of a good feng shui home. Both colors are the expression of the vital energy of the sun that brings light and life to all beings.

Gold is very popular in feng shui because of its association with money and wealth, and yellow is the color of happiness and warmth. Cheerful and welcoming, both bring quite similar feng shui energy to a home, so we'll explore them together.

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    Gold in the Bedroom

    Gold in the Bedroom
    Coco Kelley

    Splashes of gold or yellow are much welcomed in a good feng shui bedroom. Both colors are the expression of the fire feng shui element that's often missing in this room. The right use of these colors brings a vibrant, warm, but gentle energy that's much needed in this intimate and very important space.
    Notice how the gold of the art frames is balanced by the warm yellow color in the chandelier accents. It's also echoed in the soft lines of the decorative bed pillow. A beautiful red throw brings a harmonious completion to the decor because red belongs to the same feng shui element of fire.

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    Warm Bedroom in Earthy Yellow

    Warm yellow bedroom decor
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    Bring the happy energy of sunny yellow with an earthy yellow color tone in your linens if you're not keen on using golden decor accents in your bedroom. Choose a calm, restful yellow that goes well with the warm wood of your furniture, then find several subtle colors to connect the two. Voila! Your bedroom is washed in sunlight.

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    A Living Room in Subtle Golds

    A living room in subtle golds

    Your living room is an excellent area to display some gold decor accents, and not just at Christmas. It doesn't matter in which feng shui bagua area of your home your living room is located in. A bit of gold will always create excellent energy.
    Notice that although this specific living room has quite a bit of gold in it—the wallpaper, the wall sconce, the side table, and the pillow—it's all very harmonious and soothing. The secret to the absolute feng shui success of this living room is subtle and is brought about by a perfect presence of all five feng shui elements.
    Can you find all five elements in the decor of this living room? The wood element is expressed in the color of the floors and the green of the plants. The fire element is expressed in all golds, the earth element in the color of the chair upholstery, the metal element in the white paint, flowers, candles and the glass of the vase, and the water element is in the blue curtains.

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    A Soft Yellow Room

    A soft yellow room
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    You don't need an upscale living room to enjoy the golden energy of yellow. A modern room can have as much golden energy as an obviously golden luxury decor. This modern room is enveloped in a soft glow of gentle yellow, which is supported by the golden tones in the flooring and the wooden furniture.
    A soft butter yellow color brings a gentle fire feng shui element energy into this space. Do you have a room in your home that can benefit from a soothing and gentle yellow color?

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    Slipcovers, Pillows, and Curtains

    Living room with yellow sofa
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    Slipcovers and curtains are an excellent way to bring the happiness of yellow into your home. You can't possibly feel sad or lonely in a room with yellow! If you go for natural fabrics, combine several different textures and add small accents in complementary colors. You can create an eternal sunroom for yourself.
    For good feng shui, every home needs at least a bit of yellow. But why go for just a bit?

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    Yellow Candles and Baskets

    Yellow candles and baskets
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    The easiest way to bring a golden glow into your home is with yellow candles or baskets that have a golden tint to them. Put the two together—candles and baskets—and you have a sunny warm spot in any area of your house. You can feel the sweetness of honey and sunshine just by looking at this photo. Warm sunshine, sweet honey, precious gold—the associations that yellow brings are always cheerful and positive.

    Can you guess why this combination is a warm one feng shui-wise? The wood feng shui element of the basket feeds the fire feng shui element of the candles. 

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    The Good Feng Shui Kitchen

    Yellow kitchen
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    Yellow is one of the best feng shui colors for the kitchen. It's an expression of the fire element and it's associated with gold, so the kitchen holds the feng shui energy of abundance. And it's an excellent color to aid digestion.
    Find your best yellow—from deep mustard to a soft butter yellow, there are so many to choose from. See if the color will make your kitchen look brighter and happier. You can bring yellow into your kitchen with the wall color, the color of a chair or the color of your toaster—it all depends on your overall kitchen decor.

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    Flowers and Small Accents

    Flowers and small accents
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    Start small if you're just opening up to the idea of using yellow in your home decor. Bring in one or two elements—a happy yellow flower here, a book cover there. You'll be shopping for more in no time! Yellow is such a vital color for any good feng shui home. Don't neglect to give enough nourishment to your home with its sunny cheerfulness.