Is A House Front Door That Opens Outwards Bad Feng Shui?

feng shui front door decor

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Have you heard that for good feng shui the front door has to open inwards? If the front door of your house opens outwards and you cannot change it, does that mean your house has bad feng shui? If so, are there easy tips to change the feng shui of your front door and the feng shui of your house?

Front Door Feng Shui

It's true that a front door that opens outwards is not the best feng shui for either a home or an office. However, to say that the whole house has bad feng shui because of a front door opening outwards is not correct.

The reason the best feng shui front door is a door that opens inwards is that a front door opening inwards is inviting, or pulling in the Chi, or feng shui energy, instead of pushing it away. Front doors are very important in feng shui because it is through the front door that the house absorbs its energy nourishment.

Your house can still have excellent feng shui, and here are some easy tips to help you get started with creating a good feng shui house.

Possible Solutions

What can you do if you have an outwards opening door and cannot change it? You have to focus on three important feng shui steps:

1. Create a strong, unobstructed pathway to your front door to attract maximum good Chi. This includes a clean, well-taken care of and (ideally) curved pathway to your front door, as well as house numbers that are visible from the street.

2. Create a strong feng shui front door. This means a door with the best color for its feng shui direction, a door that looks good and is well-taken care of. There should be no clutter or garbage and recycling bins neither outside nor inside your front door. A strong feng shui front door has elements such as good-looking door hardware and working lights.

3. Create strong feng shui energy in your main entry and know how to guide Chi, or feng shui energy, throughout the whole house. Explore tips on creating your main entry with good feng shui, and be sure to do your best in both strengthening the incoming energy, as well as letting it flow to all areas of your house.

If you do your best in applying these three feng shui steps, your house will absorb more good quality Chi than the houses with an inward opening front door but neglected or poor feng shui energy.

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