Feng Shui House Sale Case Study

Find out how smart feng shui tips can help sell your house

feng shui house sale
Feng shui has a variety of tips to help speed up the sale of your house. From the flow of feng shui energy to your main door to the best positioning of lights, colors and various decor items and feng shui cures - every little detail matters. mark Lund/Getty Images

Can feng shui help you sell your house quicker and for a better price? It sure can! Let's look at this feng shui house sale study.

Nancy was a business associate of mine who called to see if there is anything I can do to help sell her house. It has been on the market for over a year and had only two offers that didn't materialize.

Ready to move on and build a new house, both she and her husband could not understand why it takes so long to sell their present house.

Located in a wealthy neighborhood and priced accordingly, it should have been sold a long time ago. Nancy was frustrated and, although not a big believer in feng shui, she was ready to try anything to make this sale happen.

Here is what was happening in the house:

  • Tucked away and not very easy to find, the house did not have the house numbers easily visible from the street.
  • The main door was actually composed of several glass doors with no clarity as to which one actually serves as the front door and is fully opening.
  • The center of the home had a very heavy stone coffee table that hasn't been moved since it had been brought in years ago.
  • The Money area of the home had an expensive piece of art in dark, dim colors depicting a woman full of sorrow.
  • There were many areas with either very restricting flow of energy or the energy rushing in and out without nourishing the space.
  • Last but not least, Nancy's teenage daughter was completely opposed to the sale and openly declared that she will not be moving.

Here's what we did:

  • The numbers of the house were placed in a highly visible and balanced way.
  • The actual main door was emphasized and strengthened with two big clay pots on either side of the door. Specific plants and specific colors were used according to the feng shui Bagua direction of the main door.
  • The very heavy stone table was completely removed from the house, thus allowing the energies to flow freely and regenerate themselves.
  • The depressing art in the Money area was replaced with a round mirror in a beautiful golden frame. The mirror brings the needed Water feng shui element energy for abundance and the golden metal frame and the round shape are both expressions of the metal feng shui element (money shape).
  • The areas with too slow or too fast flow of chi were rebalanced with art, strategic placement of furniture and vibrant plants.
  • I strongly encouraged Nancy to reach an agreement with her daughter and find a way to make this move exciting and appealing to her. Having one of the involved parties strongly opposing the sale brings the energy of resistance and continuously prevents the sale from happening.

And here are the results:
I went for a trip to Europe shortly after working on Nancy's house and when I was back the house was sold! It took less than a month to "move the house" by skilfully applying a variety of feng shui tools. Needless to say, Nancy is a big feng shui believer now!